BANDAI NAMCO’s Tales series celebrates its 25th anniversary with a special broadcast

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update [Sat 5th Dec, 2020 03:05 GMT]: Namco Bandai has confirmed the date of this live stream. Indeed, it’s December 15th. The original Super Nintendo game was released in 1995.

It will be available on YouTube and Periscope at 8 pm JST. Here’s a complete list of talents that will appear during this broadcast (Thanks, Gematsu):

  • host
    • Chiaki Matsuzawa (host)
    • Riko Kushida (sponsored by Legend Talk Corner)
    • Shoya Tomizawa (Tales of Series General Producer)
  • Voice actor
    • Junko Iwao (Voice of Mint Adonade) Tales of Phantasia)
    • Chihiro Suzuki (Voice of Luke von Fabre) Tales of the Abyss)
    • Kohei Amasaki (Voice of Kanata Jugar) Tales of Crestoria)
  • Music artist and composer
    • DEEN (band)
    • Misono (artist)
    • Motoi Sakuraba (composer)
    • Go Shiina (composer)
  • Tales of Series creator
    • Shinichiro Okamoto
    • Makoto Yoshizumi
    • Yoshito Higuchi
    • Tatsuro Uto

Original [Sat 7th Nov, 2020 22:00 GMT]: This year is Namco Bandai Tales of The series is celebrating its 25th anniversary! The first entry for the Super Nintendo was released on December 15, 1995.

Twenty-five years later, it has a considerable history-a long list of mainline entries, sequels, and spin-offs has been released over time. To celebrate this milestone, Namco Bandai is hosting a special anniversary live stream. We don’t have an exact date yet, so stay tuned. Thanks to Gematsu’s favor, we can expect the following:

“Live Stream will cover the story of game development and anecdotes with the producers who worked on it. Tales of Discussions centered around series and user questions and survey answers.Latest information about Tales of The series of mobile games, events and commemorative goods will also be announced. “

The latest entry in the series coming to Switch was the definitive edition of Tales of Vesperia.. The same game is now available at the Switch eShop in North America. In October, Namco Bandai was also registered as a trademark.Tales of Bluminaria‘In Europe.

What is your own history in the Tales series? What do you want to see next on Switch? Please leave a comment below.

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