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Ring Of Honor today announced that it has agreed to a partnership with Marty Scurll and will take effect immediately.

During the 2020 Speaking Out movement, Marty Scurll was one of the names raised, along with an Englishman accused of sexual assault in 2015. At that time, Skull posted two statements about the situation, which the Ring of Honor issued in June. You will invest all the claims made against anyone on that roster, including Skull.

Skull’s statement at the time was read as follows:

In 2015, after a wrestling event in the UK, I had a short agreed sexual encounter with a woman. At that moment, at the bar, in such a situation, I had no reason to doubt her age.

I do not understate this or seek the forgiveness of my ignorance. I didn’t notice her age until I met her, but the reality of the age difference isn’t lost. Our encounter was technically legal in the UK, but I understand that my lack of judgment that night disappointed many fans.

This week, the woman I’m referring to bravely shared the story of the abuse she experienced while attending a wrestling event during that period. My name is included in one of the memories she shared. I can only talk about what I know to be true and what I do.

I understand that this woman continues to support our sport through attendance at events, seminars and training sessions and as an industry we have failed her. You can’t start to understand the difficulties she should be experiencing. In that spirit, continue to respect her privacy.

My immediate priority is to promulgate the ego to mankind for a long time and seek forgiveness for unknowingly contributing to the culture that has hurt many in the process. For those of us who have a voice that can be reached beyond our own doorways, it is our common responsibility to do better and more.

The system needs to be modified to protect the most vulnerable people and provide an ecosystem in which female fans and athletes can safely participate and participate. Now is the time. As the person identified as part of the problem, I promise to be part of the solution unconditionally. In the very short term, we aim to create a better security protocol at the event to provide a safe environment for all fans within the industry.

Words are no longer enough, action is needed.

The company hasn’t issued an official statement on the investigation since then, but today the company broke its relationship with Marty Scurll, who re-signed ROH last year.

Skull was nominated as a promotion leadbooker when he resigned, but was removed from the roster page in October, and Delirious took on the creative mission when ROH returned to production in the summer for a break. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) (# If there is no character limit, add parentheses when it first appears.

There is no official statement from Skull at this time, but the Ring of Honor has issued an official message confirming the news on social media, as shown below.

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Bandido signs new agreement with Ring of Honor Bandido signs new agreement with Ring of Honor

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