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Ritomo Miyata set a new record of 1’26.496 by holding the steering wheel of the Toyota GR Supra in Yokohama, which he shared with Yuji Kunimoto in the second quarter without having a successful ballast.

This is more than three-tenths of the existing record set by Kenta Yamashita in last season’s finale qualifying, enough to overtake Nirei Fukuzumi’s ARTA Honda NSX-GT (8kg) in just one-thousandth of a second. was. session.

This marks both the Bando team since the 2016 Thai race and Kunimoto’s first pole.

Toyota wearing Bridgestone was ranked 3rd on the grid with Yuji Tachikawa (10kg) CERUMO car ahead of Yuhi Sekiguchi (30kg) and Sena Sakaguchi (24kg) TOM car with a delay of 0.535 seconds. Locked out. ) 4th and 5th place.

The Rookie Racing GR Supra, which won the Okayama race with a ballast of up to 40 kg, was the fastest with Yamashita holding the steering wheel in the first quarter, but was the sixth fastest with Kazuya Oshima in the second quarter.

At Nissan’s best, Ronnie Quintarelli’s ballast-free # 23 NISMO car came in 7th, and Heikki Kovalainen’s SARD Toyota (16kg) closed the second quarter order.

Honda lost four of the five NSX-GT candidates in the first quarter, Honda wearing Dunlop from Mugen and Nakajima Racing Team dropped out in the opening session to complete the top ten, and Nissan had four. I lost 3 of them. GT-R

The remaining Real Racing Bridgestone Honda (12kg) and Team Kunimitsu are in 11th placeth And 15th Each Naoki Yamamoto is surprisingly slow in the latter car, even though the ballast weighs only 6 kg.

Subaru GT300 pole with new BRZ

# 61 Subaru BRZ R & D SPORT

Photo: Masahide Kamio

Subaru, who set the fastest time of 1: 35.343 in the GT300 class pole shot by Hideki Yamauchi, took the first pole position in the all-new BRZ.

Similarly, Yamauchi outperformed Ren Sato’s ARTA Honda NSX GT3 by 0.142 seconds because he did not carry a successful ballast. This is the only FIA GT3 rule car in the top five.

In the Toyota GR Supra GT300, Hiroki Yoshimoto’s LM Corsacar kicked out Kota Kawai’s Saitama Toyopet machine in 4th place, and Inging’s “mother chassis” Lotus Evora closed the second row with Kazuto Kotaka in 3rd place and 5th place.

Kiyoto Fujinami and Joao Paulo de Oliveira of the Cond Racing Nissan GT-R, who won the championship in Okayama and loaded a maximum of 60 kg of ballast, dropped out in the first quarter, and the race on Tuesday will start on the

Results to follow The entire 2021 SUPER GT season will be shown live. It can be used all over the world except Japan. Click here for more information..

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Bando Toyota claims the first pole since 2016 Bando Toyota claims the first pole since 2016

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