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Dismissing Ronald Koeman seems like an ideal scenario for some Barcelona supporters at the moment, but it’s best to take, especially if their complaints are in the right place. It may not be the action of.

Ronald Koeman’s Barcelona are fifth at the Riga table, although the start of the season is pretty bright. Form turbulence It saw them drop 39 to 18 points available.

For this reason, above all Cures Seeking his dismissal.. They show complete distrust of his tactics and their reflection in the results. They are also fed up with the lack of change, especially when they find that Riqui Puig’s treatment is unnecessary and completely unfair given his quality, especially when the team is lagging behind. doing.

These reasons are good enough for dismissal, and does landscape change provide the coveted rest for this sick club?

Understand the situation of Riki

The infamous hashtag “Koeman Out” was born out of rumor at the beginning of the season. Several reports from the Catalan and Spanish media suggested that he did not want to have anything to do with Riqui Puig and was ready to get rid of him.

Koeman replied that the 21-year-old player simply wanted to get a loan, contrary to media suggestions. Because he sees him as a future player. Players of his age take time to play. progress. The Dutch asserted that Puig wouldn’t have that much game time if he stayed, given the number of players in front of him, and wanted the best for him.

Fans couldn’t see Puig elsewhere. (Photo by LLUIS GENE / AFP via Getty Images)

It was recently reported that part of the reason Riki was banished from the team was due to exactly the same media controversy. Koeman reportedly called him a “leaker.” Overall, I was disappointed with how he handled the situation, as this was intended to be an internal issue.

In addition to this, Koeman also seems to have problems with Riki’s attitude during the training session. He is reportedly not training as hard as others, which inevitably forces him to bench at the age of 21. Simply put, he has no incentive to reward players who fail to train as they wish in minutes on the pitch. This is all about stimulating the air of complacency in the dressing room, which will certainly lead him to eventually lose it as a whole.

Previous managers have ignored Puig for some reason. But you don’t have to deny a few minutes to the kind of talent he has. Undisciplined talent is of little value.. It is almost impossible for both Quique Setién and Ernesto Valverde to see Puig’s abilities, they only reject him with personal revenge. Indeed, there must be something in the youth’s personality and his attitude towards training sessions that prevents him from playing.

further, Some players on the team “do not sympathize” with Puig.. Assuming these rumors are true and the rest are true, the problem is much 21 years old than his manager.

Messi Puig
Apparently, talent comes at a price. (Photo by LLUIS GENE / AFP via Getty Images)

Even if he has an attitude problem, dismissing the manager can never fix it. From an introspective point of view, it’s up to Puig to know what’s causing all the distrust and contempt from multiple managers and colleagues in the dressing room. Simply put, he has to step up and do what he expects, or step out and play elsewhere.

Out of control situation

Ronald Koeman has been essentially helpless since the start of the campaign, except for his tactics and substitutions that are within his power. He started the season with a relatively strong team, but a pile of systematic problems has hampered his progress.

From the beginning, he was completely lost in being in the club and couldn’t make any money Required signature Prior to his first league game in the current campaign. However, the signatures he made have proven to be fruitful in every way. Sergiño Dest is common among the top performers in Barcelona On every match day.

How good would the current campaign be if he got it? Memphis Depay in Lyon, Olympics, Liverpool Georgianio Wijaldum, or Eric Garcia from Manchester City?? That’s just speculation, but given the success of his single hire, he could have been far more successful than he is today.

Memphis Depay
Depay would have helped Koeman’s leap and limits. (Photo by PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP via Getty Images)

Aside from the financial problems that the club continues to suffer, Koeman was at the end of a defeat with the epidemic of injuries that has plagued the club to this day. Given the double blows that Ansu Fati and Ousmane Dembele were injured, he faced many criticisms that he did not start a winger, many of the fact that he had no reliable choice. Is ignoring.

Behind him, he lost both Gerard Piqué and Sergi Roberto. All these players are the key to the functionality of his system and he realized that they were neither when they were most needed. This led the team to struggle to defend, Call for reinforcements in January..

Not only is he out of control of the player’s injury, but he’s not sure about the player given how inconsistent half of the team is.At his forefront, Lionel Messi needs nearly 10 shots per game to score, while Antoine Griezmann has missed six big opportunities so far, and Martin Brightweight unintentionally. , Unproductively, and Philippe Coutinho consistently has poor performance..

He also needs to witness one of the worst versions of Sergio Busquets I’ve ever seen, and Clement Rengre, who for some reason has the worst form of his career.

Lionel Messi Barcelona
Teams are struggling individually rather than collectively. (Photo by JOSEP LAGO / AFP via Getty Images)

At the beginning of the season, the club goes into a financial crisis, Fati and Pique are each injured for four months, Roberto is injured for three months, Rengre is error-prone, Griezmann struggles to finish, and Koemanho With little contribution, Francisco Trinkan and Miralem Pjanic turned out to be the overwhelming signing, Messi became one of the lowest points of his career among all, and Koeman became huge. I wouldn’t say it would be a trouble, or worse, a trouble he couldn’t control?

Some, centered around Messi and Griezmann, argue that Conrad de la Fente and Francisco Trinkan should start with wings. It’s not a gambling worth taking. If the two wings fail in performance and are likely to do so, he will suffer barrage of complaints and criticisms about how to play Coutinho and Brightweight instead. The opposite is true for the latter case. The two can’t play well. It’s a losing situation and only he is responsible.

Dismissing him doesn’t solve anything

You might think that landscape changes serve as an immediate solution to the problems that are occurring in the club, but the reality is far from this utopian ideal. Eder Saravia, Setién’s assistant manager, said a few weeks ago that too much was wrong in the club and had been done for too long. Neither the time provided to him nor the circumstances surrounding his and Setién’s arrival were ideal for significant changes to be made in the club.

Ronald Koeman found that he had far more problems than his predecessor was sailing. Although this is a transitional period for the club, he is expected to correct all the team’s last mistakes.

Pep Guardiola
Even Guardiola cannot berth this sunken ship. (Photo by Angel Martinez / Getty Images)

Imanol Alguacil appreciates Barça’s playing style and states that he was the best he has seen in a few years, thanks to the newly discovered strength level. When one of the league’s best tacticians praises him that way, there is certainly something good in the work. The same is true for Interim President Carlos Taskets, who enthusiastically admires the work of the Dutch. The team has repeatedly shown how Koeman’s ideal Barça can play, but why stop him on his track?

Dismissing Koeman doesn’t change anything and can rather confuse players. Barely a year ago, they played a little structured football under Setién after playing Barberde’s practical and overly disorganized style. The decision to dismiss Barberde in the middle of the season turned out to be quite disappointing, and it would be foolish for the club to make the same mistake again.

Ernesto Valverde
Dismissing Valverde in the middle of the season did far more harm than it worked. (Photo via Imago)

Assuming Garcia Pimienta or Xavi Hernandez are now appointed, they will find exactly the same systematic problems that have plagued Koeman and will have little power to stop the deterioration.

Finally, Koeman’s deal ends, given that Barça’s economic situation is so dire and in fact so terrible that he can hardly afford to add $ 5 million to buy Eric Garcia from Manchester City. Doing means they are simply forced to make money, no need to pay Koeman.

By dismissing him, everyone, from the player to the entire club, loses. Why keep it going?

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Barcelona should not dismiss Koeman in the middle of the season Barcelona should not dismiss Koeman in the middle of the season

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