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On Saturday, Marion Bartoli and her husband Yahya Boumediene announced the birth of their daughter Kamilya.

I would like to introduce our little princess KAMILYA. She was born yesterday (5:12 pm on December 18th). We are the happiest parents in the world and thank God for this wonderful gift. Marion Bartoli

“I would like to introduce you to our little princess KAMILYA. She was born yesterday (5:12 pm on December 18th),” Bartoli posted on Instagram. “We are the happiest parents in the world. Thank God for this wonderful gift.”

The couple announced their pregnancy in May.

A 36-year-old French woman and professional soccer player Boumedien tied a knot in November 2018.

Bartoli’s best moment came in 2013 in Wimbledon. At Wimbledon, she retired shortly after lifting her only Grand Slam trophy and became a television analyst and commentator.

After that, she experienced many difficulties in her personal life, including severe attacks with anorexia nervosa caused by toxic relationships.

Marion Bartoli interviewed Rafael Nadal in court at Roland Garros in October

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Bartoli has been treated by a fellow tyrant who has humiliated and abused him and is quoted in Geraldine Milet’s autobiography “Renaître: Autobiographie (Documents, témoignage setessais d’actualité)”. [Reborn: Autobiography – Documents, testimonies and topical essays] “The more I lose weight, the more I feel disappeared and the end approaches and calms down.

“My stomach has gangrene. I’m only in the final stages. My mouth can’t bite and my stomach can’t digest. I’m just shivering, shadows, ghosts (…) Skinless cucumbers If you eat anything other than, you will have tachycardia and a fever of 39 ° C. “

Her body deformed little by little. “My legs are twisted by cramps, breastless breasts, assless butt, sparse hair, bad varnish, and damaged skin. I’m devastated,” she added.

At this stage of the illness, she weighed only 41 kg and was dying. After that, he was hospitalized as an emergency in Italy and Paris and gained weight.

At that time, she revealed that my body had a fighting “unnamed bacterium”, a mysterious “virus”. So I won’t let you eat anything. “

Her test was in 2016, and four years later, Marion Bartoli managed to get out of a toxic relationship, regained health, and is now fully recovered, a testament to recovery, and satisfied with 30-year-old Belgian footballer Yahya Boumediene. I am. , She got married carefully and without fuss.

“I LOVE YOUMY DAUGHTER 💕👶 I LOVE YOUMY HUSBAND” Bartoli posted two special photos on Instagram announcing the birth of his daughter.

Camilia Bartoli, just one day after birth

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Bartoli gives birth to a baby girl Bartoli gives birth to a baby girl

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