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By Bill Thompson, @BillCubbieBlue

Drafting the league

Major League Baseball began the week with the announcement of the Draft League. The Draft League, an amateur league, is currently a five-team league formed from the ashes of the New York-Penneg League. MLB has informed everyone that such a change will take place a few months ago, but seeing minor league baseball eradicated so quickly was still an unpleasant start this week. ..

MLB Pioneer

Shortly after the above announcement, MLB announced that the Pioneer League would continue to be an independent league. Based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the league consists of eight teams, all formerly of the MLB team. MLB reports that it will cover some of the initial costs, but from some point on, PION will function like any other independent league that signs up for MLB’s partner league and runs itself.

Advertising for everyone

On Wednesday, reports emerged that MLB partnered with a sports management company to conduct a market research on adding advertising patches to uniforms. This is another move that MLB has informed us. It’s unclear at this time when and in what style it will be implemented, but you’ll need to quickly get used to advertising that takes up space in MLB uniforms. For MLB, it’s not about what they should do, it’s about making money from ideas.

Holy restructuring

After being rumored for some time, it was officially announced that St. Paul Saints would join the ranks of independent baseball to become an affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. It’s terrible news for independent baseball with a clear message. Becoming a successful franchise, MLB keeps you away from independent leagues. On the other hand, there is the problem that teams like Saints are coming in and existing MiLB affiliates are competing for attempts by MLB to free them and rebuild the league. There is no end to the MLB / MiLB mess.

Staten Island proceedings

Speaking of which, Staten Island Yankees has announced that it will shut down on Thursday. A former New York Yankees A-level affiliate has accused him of stabbing his ex-parents from behind and promised to seek legal remedies from both MLB and the Yankees. Whatever happens in these potential proceedings, the situation in MiLB is permanently changing.

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Baseball News / This Week’s Note (12/07/20) — Baseball.FYI Baseball News / This Week’s Note (12/07/20) — Baseball.FYI

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