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Bassmaster Fishing 2022 – Similar to Fortnite, but with fish (Photo: Dovetail Games)

Dovetail Games’ latest fishing title is more than just a simulation, it’s a competitive sports game that incorporates authentic RAZZ MA TAZZ.

Oh, fishing game. It’s a calm, relaxing and protected riverbank in the fast-paced turmoil of the modern video game world, right? This is not always the case. At least not if Dovetail Games, the world’s heavyweight champion of simulation games, has something to do with it. Dovetail’s latest fishing game, Bassmaster Fishing 2022, is not a fishing game. It is a sports game that catches fish with a bait line that happens to be attached to a rod.

A sports game cannot be completed without an official license. Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is licensed by BASS, the global governing body for bass sports fishing based in the United States, which operates the world’s most famous bass fishing championship, Bassmaster Classic. Here, fishing may be seen as an elegant and meditative pursuit of a country, but it’s a very popular spectator sport in the United States, with Fox Sports airing the BASS Bassmaster series live. Bassmaster Classic, the blue ribbon event of Fox Sports, has over 100,000 during its four-day action.

Winning and winning a virtual version of Bassmaster Classic is the ultimate goal of Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Career Mode, but it’s not easy. Studio producer Desmond O’Connor describes the structure of career mode as follows: There is a combination of traditional Bassmaster events and some Pro Challenges that add some versatility and incorporate several different rule sets.

“It goes up from the college series to the open series-you don’t have to win the college series, you just graduate it. When you join the open series, you play the event, but to reach the elite, We need to achieve a certain level of success within the open, ”explains O’Connor.

“You can get followers by catching trophy fish and sharing their images. In real-world bass fishing sports, followers are very important to get sponsors. It’s all about getting sponsors, equipment. Payment, boat payment, tournament participation fee payment. “

If you make enough money, you can get your shots at Bassmaster Classic:’Top 55 anglers take part in the biggest cash money events. Bassmaster Classic has a winning prize of $ 300,000. It’s like a feature film version of Bassmaster’s career, not a feature film version of the 20 series.

Ben Gunstone, Executive Producer of Dovetail Phishing, adds: 36 hours of gameplay. And the chances of you doing it for the first time are quite far. “

Battle royale with fish

Online, Bassmaster Fishing 2022 promises another novelty. BassmasterRoyale is a mode whose name strongly demonstrates its nature. Gunstone outlines:’Bassmaster Royale is our view of battle royale type games, with up to 60 people going to the lake at the same time. As a player, it is based on the total weight of the best 5 fish you have caught. That total puts you on the leaderboard. Over time, we bring out selection points, and if you are below that point, you will be removed from the game until we have the final result of the last 10 and a single winner of the game. increase.

“We are currently planning a 40-minute session, but we are advised and can fine-tune it. Players will actually reach the point the lake wants to reach, catch the fish and ride on the leaderboard. We need to balance that we have enough time, “Gunstone adds.

Like most dovetail titles, Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is an amazingly good looking game, with O’Connor showing a fishing trip mode where you can choose a lake. There are eight venues in North America for the Elite Bus Master Series event. Just fish without pressure.

O’Connor chose his parent fisherman, jumped on his boat and cruised to some of the lakes he had previously designated as a possible source of fish. Gunstone, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of being familiar with the environment. ‘You need to learn where the fish are in the lake. Otherwise, you will certainly be uncompetitive in your career at higher levels. mode. This reflects what the real professional anger is about to do.

Bass Master Fishing 2022 – Bass Fishing is a serious business (Photo: Dovetail Games)

There are many virtual technologies you can bring in, such as placing markers at your favorite fishing spots. The demo revealed that Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is as high-tech as possible as the fishing game progresses. The lake and its surroundings look amazingly realistic, are stocked with virtual fish species that are generated from real map data and reflect real fish species, but with some tweaks to improve gameplay. Has been added.

The fish themselves have their own artificial intelligence, passing between points of interest in the water via “highways” and varying in depth depending on the surface and water temperature, time of day, and other factors. ..

It certainly looks very realistic, especially when O’Connor uses the game’s underwater camera to essentially give a view from your lure. O’Connor emphasized the game’s desire to have to make several turns of the boat and reflect the unpredictability associated with actual fishing. Choosing the right lure and tackle also influenced the process and ultimately led to a nice fat bus landing.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast who fantasizes about making it big and making millions of dollars on a professional fishing circuit, Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is an exciting prospect: Join Bassmaster Classic in the game. Participate in the most glamorous sights of sports. And the idea of ​​Bassmaster Royale embarking on an enthusiastic fishoff against 59 rivals at once is a fun new idea.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 includes the idyllic fun of any fishing game, but the desire to add danger and competitiveness to its familiar blueprint is interesting. For those who dream of becoming competitive anglers to survive the fantasy, especially in the current situation where travel is restricted (not to mention the post-Brexit depoliticization of British rivers by sewer companies). It should provide the perfect means.

Formats: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC
Publisher: Dovetail Games
Developer: Dovetail Games
Release Date: October 28, 2021

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