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Grab your buttress – the ancient dangers of crawling dungeons, killing monsters and destroying castles: the story of bats is out!

Dreams, Ancient Dangers: A Media Molecule third-person dungeon crawler that can only be played on A Bat’s Tale, designed to test the skills of brave adventurers only. Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale covers even after desperate battles with strange and stupid enemies, puzzles that tickle brain cells, and confrontations with dragons with huge teeth (and even bigger ego).

Ancient Dangers: Screenshot of A Bat’s Tale. Orcish twins Scoria and Gabro are running up the dungeon stairs towards a group of greedy plant enemies.

Bring a friend to play solo as a heroic Oaks Korea in single-player mode or as a scorian twin Gabro in local co-op mode (local co-op requires internet connection). Challenge the top of the scoreboard by colliding with enemies, activating the Berserk chain and maximizing these sweet, sweet points.

Ancient Dangers: Screenshot of A Bat’s Tale. The feature is that the orc twins Scoria and Gabro raise their swords into the sky and enter Berserk mode. A lightning bolt is popping out of the sword.

Will scoria and gabbro find the herbs needed to cure grandmother’s terrible snoring? Can their wise bat companions find a way home? And is there a rational explanation for how the dragon learned the art of the noble Floristry?All these questions etc probably Answered within.

Ancient Dangers: Screenshot of A Bat’s Tale. The orc twins Scoria and Gabro are facing the camera with a confused look.

To commemorate the launch of Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, we bring you five illustrious new imps based on some of the most striking characters of Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale. Get these loads.

But that’s not all. This latest update also brings a major overhaul of DreamShaping.

Dream shaping

Some screenshots of the new DreamShaping template in action.

For beginners: DreamShaping is the name of the Dreams creation mode. Since the release of Dreams, we’ve found that DreamShaping can be overwhelming for new players. With the new template system and the DreamShaping UI rework, we hope this major update will make creating games in Dreams faster, easier and more fun than ever before.

The new version of DreamShaping includes useful game templates and new elements for creating 2D platformers, dungeon crawler, side-scrolling shooters, mini golf and more. This includes a template dedicated to Ancient Dangers: A. Bat’s Tale features a huge kit for creative fun.

The purpose and pointers of the entire template guide and explain the process, making the development itself feel like a game.And if you feel stuck somewhere, can help-just Go to the template section To find additional information and support that you may need.

We’ve also made some changes to the DreamShaping UI to help you find what you’re looking for exactly and faster.

Screenshot of the new Start Creating scene.

new[作成の開始]On the screen, you can access the overview page for each template. We have shown the difficulty of each template (and possibly the parts within each template) for different levels of experience. Templates for beginners are intended to make it comfortable to create by simply stamping the element. Medium difficulty templates introduce you to the idea of ​​interconnecting things, while more advanced templates cover techniques such as how to optimize your game.

There’s also a new section promoting the quality elements used in your work, high-level award-winning Dreams creators to follow, community events, and numerous new help pages that link to online support via a QR code.

Screenshot of new help page linking to online support via QR code.

In addition, the type of content displayed on the DreamShaping page in the game will be adjusted based on the time spent creating it in Dreams. If you are a new player, you will see something that will help you become familiar with the basics. With a little more experience, you’ll be provided with carefully selected recommendations for some of the best building blocks the community has to offer.

Not to mention many other things that this overhaul brings-you can find much more details in our update notes. here..

Huh! Then it’s a small update. Just joking, it’s amazing. fun! Ancient Dangers: We look forward to seeing you on the A Bat’s Tale leaderboard. Old and new dreamers rediscover the joy of creating with Dreams.

Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and DreamShaping updates are available from downloadable patches (requires internet). You need the internet to access the full content of Dreams.

New Dreams update brings Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and DreamShaping 2.0

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