Batgirl and Static Shock movies will probably go straight to streaming on HBO Max

The future of the DC movie world is at least partly in HBO Max. DC Films has been shown to grow in the coming years, not just on the theater side.On top of movies such as Batman Warner Brothers for theatrical release Release some projects exclusively on streaming services,When Batgirl And Static shock Named as an early candidate.

Both, according to a new interview with DC Films Head Walter Hamada Batgirl And Static shockThe potential release of HBO Max, developed by Warner Bros., is in the spotlight. The report states that HBO Max’s monopoly will probably be reserved for “more dangerous characters.” It does not mean that quality concerns are recognized. However, these are not the equivalent of the globally recognized A List characters such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. It also probably means carrying a relatively small budget, given that these films do not generate any box office revenue.

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Batgirl It’s been under development for a few years now, but it doesn’t have the true traction yet. At some point Joss Whedon was obsessed with writing and directing adaptations. the Avengers The filmmaker left the project following his work Justice League I will shoot again. Christina Hodson (Birds of prey) After the departure of Wedon, I took over the mission of the script.

Static shock More recent development.The movie was originally released as a virtual part DC Fan Dome Summer event. Michael B. Jordan (Black panther, Creed) I signed on to create a project. Nothing has been said about casting, or who could get to the director’s chair.

Perhaps the biggest point is that DC will be a major priority for WarnerMedia as a whole. In addition to these streaming releases, the report states that there will be as many as four theatrical DC movies a year from 2022. This means that if everything is in a particular year, as many as six new DC movies could be released. This is a significant increase from what has been seen in the last few years.This will be added to the spin-off show produced for HBO Max It’s tied to future movies.There is a show Batman For example, we focus on Gotham City PD.I also have James Gunn Peace maker The series currently being filmed in the same universe as next year Suicide squad..

The idea is to use the studio’s most compelling properties to attract HBO Max subscribers. As part of its strategy, WarnerMedia plans to publish the entire 2021 movie slate in both theaters and HBO Max in the United States. This is motivated by the current lack of box office revenue, where many theaters around the world are closed. I will post the details of these projects as they become available.This news is New York Times..

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Batgirl and Static Shock movies will probably go straight to streaming on HBO Max

https://movieweb.com/batgirl-static-shock-movies-hbo-max/ Batgirl and Static Shock movies will probably go straight to streaming on HBO Max

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