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In response to the WrestleMania 35 return match video, Batista posted a Triple H, stating, “It’s a terrible display of sportsmanship!” WWE wrote, “Triple H has finally defeated Batista in WrestleMania 35!” Vince McMahon is a “burial” Bobby Lashley in WrestleMania.

Batista recently declined the 2021 Vince McMahon Hall of Fame offer. Former WWE star Boogeyman recently accessed his social media account and sent a message to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Boogeyman wants to return to WWE

Boogeyman, who seems to be in good shape, accessed the Twitter account, posted a video, and sent a message to Vince. He wants Vince McMahon to hand over the ball.

Former WWE stars sporadically appeared in WWE, but never returned full-time.

Boogeyman has become more prominent in WWE It dates back to the 2000s. He has appeared several times since he broke up with the company in 2009.

Boogeyman was very active on social media and now posted a video showing that he was skipping, clearly sending a message to Vince and demanding that he be allowed to return to the company. Did WWE Diva come back to write a SmackDown?

Check out the tweets below:

Boogeyman opens his current status

Boogeyman had previously talked about his WWE status in 2020. He said:

“Yes, I still have a contract – I still have a legendary contract. They let me down. [to Florida]..I myself sold Mark Henry, Ricky Steamboat, Near Jacks, Jimmy Hart [WrestleMania 36] Tickets at Tampa Stadium there before the pandemic. So that was my last thing with them. But when it comes to television, it was the 25th anniversary of RAW. “

We have to wait if Vince McMahon allows Boogeyman to return to the company again.

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Batista drops WrestleMania’s return match bomb Batista drops WrestleMania’s return match bomb

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