Batman: Arkham Knight has been updated with two more free skins

So … Rocksteady Studios is still down Batman: Arkham Knight Skins like 2015 or something. seriously! In today’s free update, we will be delivering costumes for “Anime Batman Skin” and “Zur-En-Arrh”. (Gesundheit!)

Both of these costumes are included in the game, but are now available to logged-in players Arkham KnightOfficial forum with linked WB game IDs. Now they are out and approaching the general public.

So what are these rises all about? The Zur-En-Arrh Batman, believe it or not, dates back to 1958. Batman # 113, the superhero is taken by Batman on that planet to a planet called Zur-En-Arrh, helping his alien opponents fight mecha invasions. While there, Batman discovers that he has the power of Superman.

In modern comics (September 2006 to be exact), writer Grant Morrison is a “back-up personality” invented by Bruce Wayne in case his true character is mentally compromised. Revived Zur-En-Arrh Batman with the revealed storyline. Strange characters appear in other modern Batman adaptations. Episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold And interactive movies Batman: Family Death..

Anime Batman is based on one of the 2008 anthology shorts Batman: Gotham KnightSpecifically, a chapter called “Field Test” written by Jordan Goldberg and animated by Beatrain.

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