Batman Begins’Fear Bomb’story is better done in DC Comics

In the latest issue of Batman, the Scarecrow of Jonathan Crane prepares to unleash a new “horror bomb” that is far superior to that of Batman Begins.

warning!spoiler Batman # 115

In DC Batman, Jonathan Crane Scarecrow I plan to use a larger and better version of the “horror bomb” he used Batman Begins.. Christopher Nolan’s first movie dark Knight Trilogy, Batman Begins Christian Bale’s Batman plans to join forces with Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al Ghul and Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow to scare Gotham and use the horror toxins of the crane to tear himself apart. I saw you. However, DC now State of fear event The fact that the crane is pulling the ante much more efficiently means that Batman may not be able to stop so easily (or at all).

In the 2005s Batman Begins, Jonathan Crane Develops His Horror Toxin While Working For Ra’s al Ghul And the League of Shadows. The plan is to dump the compound into Gotham’s water supply and use stolen military-grade microwave emitters to vaporize the water at the right time. This essentially acts as a trigger to release the toxins of horror to the citizens of Gotham. However, Batman can stop Ra’s and League of Shadows before letting the emitter reach Gotham’s primary hub. This puts the city in horror.

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But a new attack on the crane against Gotham at a cartoon event known as State of fear look Scarecrow trying to push Gotham To a higher level of fear.He has already made great strides to make Gossam very scary, but he is now preparing to use a mind machine. Batman # 115 From writer James Tinion IV and artist Jorge Jimenez. This is a large-scale mind control device used by Ansanity Collective to free members from past trauma. MindSpa Mind Machine records and stores these traumas in a data bank, allowing the Scarecrow to use the device in reverse to unleash hundreds of traumas and horrors throughout the city. Also, Sean Mahony’s deeply disturbed Peacekeeper-01 appears to be the last upload. The crane then triggers his new, better horror bomb, causing Gossam to experience a massive wave of horror that is different from what has ever been felt from his toxins.

Batman-115-Mind Machine

The notion that the scarecrow directly attacks the mind rather than deploying his traditional horror toxins seen in previous cartoons and movies was interesting to say the least.It certainly has the tactics he saw before State of fear More realistic than most threats Batman faced.. That said, using MindSpa Mind Machines to provoke the mental weakness of the entire city of fear and trauma definitely adds to things. Batman may be too late and forced to find a way to correct the fear of the scarecrow unleashing. It is not possible to stop the crane before the Caped Crusader fires a new bomb.

either way, Scarecrow MindSpa Mind Machine and Peacekeeper-01 plans don’t seem to be much more complicated than the horror bombs used in Batman Begins..In addition, it State of fear Is setting up a crane for the first success with a mind machine. This shows that things get even darker and scarier before Batman and Gotham City get better.

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Batman Begins’Fear Bomb’story is better done in DC Comics

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