Batman: Death in the digital version of the family movie lacks important features

1988, DC Comics Family death Allowed people to determine the fate of the second Robin, Jason Todd, by televoting. It was a hugely successful gimmick, and as a result, Batman changed dramatically as a character.

This was when DC and Warner Bros. decided to ride the tide of recent interactive storytelling. Family death An interactive movie, it makes perfect sense. Want to update your story and gimmicks to the modern day while offering a kind of follow-up or alternative version of what’s popular? Under the red hood 2010 movie? If that is what we got. Sadly, the final product is a half-hearted experience that you can’t even fully experience without purchasing the right version of the film.

That’s the first thing you need to know Family death Is just a re-announcement of Under the red hood.. Start with an additional prologue and credit sequence that summarizes your event. Family death Comic, and it’s almost reused footage from 2010 Under the red hoodThe Joker murders Jason, who has been resurrected in Lazaropit, vows to kill the criminals and wipe out Gotham, and finally takes revenge on Joker himself. Or what actually happened? When Batman notices that the Joker is trying to catch and kill Jason, the movie stops and he is asked to decide if Jason Todd is alive or if he is destined to die again.

Here is your experience here Family death It depends a lot on how you get the film. When you buy a Blu-Ray or DVD, you get the usual interactive film treatments, and the viewer can choose a specific one at a critical moment, choosing from about 7 different paths. The real interactive side is one of the great aspects these days, with seamless navigation and cleverly designed choices, more than a simple pause button while waiting for the movie to select a lane. It is.

The range of alternative paths is large, 10 to 30 minutes.In terms of quality, many are not important (there are paths that are literally short versions Under the red hoodHowever, a voice has been added to the narration). To make matters worse, there are many moments in the new segment that are nothing more than still images. However, for a small amount of additional footage, there are some alternative endings that make a powerful addition to Jason Todd’s story. In particular, Zur-En-Arrh’s Batman with a dark and shocking twist. Seeing Jason actually survive the explosion in Bosnia, it is still painful and painful to succumb to a life of violence.

This movie is interesting to show that no matter what you do, Joker’s brutal attack has cost Jason too much physical and emotional. There are plenty of references and Easter eggs for eagle eye fans. This includes previously unadapted scenarios and characters that could become fans of Grant Morrison. Batman Run happily. Also, while the old and new footage is 10 years different, there are some visually stunning action scenes in different scenes.This recut version cuts many of the side characters from the original Under the red hoodVoice actors are still solid, including Neil Patrick Harris as Dick Grayson, Jason Isaacs as Ra’s al Ghul, and Vincent Martella on behalf of Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd.

Buyers should be careful

Image: Warner Brothers

Watching a movie provides an inspiring homage to Batkid, even if some of the other options aren’t so important, but if you buy or rent a movie digitally or watch it streaming, either Is not displayed. Services like DC Unlimited.Digital version of Family death It does not provide any interactivity.

The film is technically a short film that expands with a variety of options, so it’s branded “DC Showcase,” but it’s all removed in the digital release.What you get is just a re-announcement Under the red hood, One hour shorter than the 2010 edition, and three other unrelated short films. To see the actual new content, you need access to bonus features that aren’t included in all digital retail purchases. So even if you buy this movie, you’re likely to be paying for a significantly reduced version of the movie. Under the red hood.. Even if you find a retailer that includes bonus footage of alternative stories, there’s about 5 minutes of Blu-Ray-specific content.

There’s nothing inherently bad about making Family death A gimmick movie, especially when it started as a gimmick story — and this movie does enough work to provide an alternative version Under the red hood A storyline that expands Batman’s myth and enriches Jason Todd’s character.

The problem is the execution of a half-baked, which is the equivalent of a short film with an interactive story of just over 30 minutes, consisting mostly of recycled footage. Video that many people cannot access even if purchased. Finally, and ironically, Family death The movie opposes reviving dead DC characters and stories, but that’s not the case.

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