Batman: Earth One Vol. 3 Obtained the release date of June 2021

DC Comics is finally the long-awaited graphic novel Batman: Earth One Vol. 3. The latest chapter in the story of writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank Batman will be released on June 8, 2021. Johns and Frank will be rejoined by Inker John Shival and colorist Brad Anderson for the sequel. In addition to its release date, DC also unveiled the final cover art for the latest EarthOne graphic novel.

Art by Gary Frank. (Image credit: DC)

Like the previous two books, Batman: Earth One Vol. 3 is set to another new easy-to-read DCU, where Bruce Wayne is still a rookie hero. In this sequel, we explore two major changes to traditional Batman mythology, the ongoing fallout of the rise of Too Faced, which is very different from the legacy of the Bruce Arkham family.

As a volume. 3 opened and a group of heavily armored criminals began to terrorize Gotham City. Batman’s horror is that they seem to be headed by Harvey Dent. 2. However, considering the method, Vol. Now that 2 is over, it seems safe to assume that Harvey’s sister Jessica is the actual mastermind of the gang. Following the physical and psychological trauma she endured, Jessica is now suffering from a dissociative identity disorder and believes she is Harvey.

Volume 3 also features a surprise return from Bruce’s grandfather Adrian Arkham, promising to dig deeper into the history shared between Wayne and Arkham in this universe. And if the cover art goes by, the book may also touch on the ancient, bat-worshiping Miagani tribe.

Batman’s visual history

The original Batman: Earth One was released in July 2012. 2 continues in May 2015, three years later. In other words, Vol. Arrived at 3 stores. Despite these long gaps between volumes, the impact of the Earth One series was clearly felt throughout the Batman franchise. In particular, adaptations like Gotham and Batman vs Superman provide a more aggressive and combative take against Alfred Pennyworth.

Interestingly, DC Vol. 3 does not indicate that Johns and Frank will now add a joker to Batman’s EarthOne Rogue Gallery. Johns previously told IGN that the duo are waiting for the “right time” to introduce the Joker. This may mean that they are planning to meet again for Volume 4.

“Jokers aren’t something we’re avoiding for Gary and I. We’re waiting to play against someone like Joker until the right time to talk about the blues. Joker to do. It’s a little different from what you’ve seen so far. Joker appears in the Batman: Earth One series because the time and place of Bruce’s life is his whereabouts. The whole arc is drawn for Bruce. You can see it being built in Volumes 1, 2, and 3. I think it will come out at the right time, “Johns said.However, in the recent Batman: Three Jokers miniseries, you can see Johns adding a new layer to his Batman and Joker rivals. Johns and Frank are also collaborating on their first creator-owned project, an apocalyptic image comic series called Geiger.

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