Batman trailer showed that DC is heading in the right direction

Sacred and wonderful trailer, Batman! After feeling like a decade of speculation, behind-the-scenes peeping, theory, delays, Matt Reeves Batman Not to be confused with last year’s teaser, we finally debuted our first full-length trailer. As someone who had really high expectations for this movie, my level of excitement is approaching the astronomical level of what is known as Batinson (this catches, believe me).

Here’s a trailer if you miss it:


So what do we do now? The movie will not fly to the theater until March 4, 2022 *. This allows you to work as a rugged detective for about four months (counting your fingers) to determine what’s happening with this flick.

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Anyway, here are 6 ideas / observations about trailers, and the general DC FanDome.

DC is on the rise

I will be completely honest. I’ve always been a fan of Snyder. I loved his DC film trilogy — man of Steel, Batman vs Superman Justice Birth, And this year’s spectacular Zack Snyder Justice League.. So yes, I want more of this particular universe.

But after this year’s DC FanDome, I’m pretty crazy about the direction of DC. flash I didn’t provide enough footage to reach a substantive conclusion, but I very I want to know how Andy Muschietti uses Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton with everyone’s favorite crimson speedster and Sasha Kaje’s supergirl.This is possible For real As long as all the elements are together, it’s great.

Black Adam Looks pretty nice as well. I delved into the look and tone of the film, and Dwayne Johnson was a good choice for that part, provided he was actually playing Black Adam and not another variation of his rock persona. think.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It looks fun Shazam!Wrath of the gods See more Shazam!, And certainly worse than that.

My favorite bit, outside BatmanWas an update of Batman: Caped Crusader, This is essentially Batman: Animation Series Part II.. It’s amazing. I grew up watching the show, but now that the children’s bindings have been lifted, I can’t wait to see Bruce Timm and the company in the direction of acquiring the property.

Bat girl When Blue beetle There are two interesting properties that can lead to some exciting adventures, Super Pet DC League It may be fun for the whole family.

Probably many people are looking forward to it Peace maker, I hesitate more. The show looks great, but I’m not sure if I need more from that particular character. I know the time, and hopefully I’ve proved wrong.

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Batman is Battinson Unhinged

Of course, the big finale was Matt Reeves Batman.. I confess that I was a little overwhelmed by last year’s teaser. The photos looked great and I liked the style, but it was so grounded that it reminded me a bit of Christopher Nolan’s view of The Dark Knight. Now, for me, Nolan’s trilogy is perfect with a clear beginning, middle, and end. At the end of the series, I was ready to take a completely different view of Batman. That’s probably why I enjoyed interpreting Affleck’s characters. Finally, Batman, a superhero who can defeat living piss from 20 armed men.

Naturally, the dream was over and Batinson looked much the same.

Except for, this trailer was incredible. visual. Rough tone. Intense action. Score. character. Clearly more grounded than Snyder’s iteration, Pattinson already looks like a great (and different) interpretation of the Batman character-slightly hingeless and impatient.

this appear Like Batman. Anger, gloomy, violent Batman, and his tenacity to violence shock people around him, including Zoe Kravitz’s Serena Kyle / Catwoman:

Batman trailer

I’ve seen gloomy Batman (Keton), goofy Batman (Kilmer / Clooney), depressed / angry Batman (Veil), and superhero Batman (Affleck), but everyone is real. Don’t be tied to-Batman who fears him. So this is pretty cool to see.

After all, there’s definitely a problem with someone dressed like a bat, right?


I remember hearing Kevin Smith’s wonderful commentary Batman Returns Some time ago he pointed out that Danny DeVito’s penguins were actually there. No Philip Seymour Hoffman’s performance is not a proper depiction of the penguins, but a kind of mutated metamorphosis. Mission: Impossible III He was mentally closer to the villain of the comic book than the mutant that oozes out of DeVito.

Well, at that point I was watching Batman Returns Though the idea didn’t come to mind thousands of times, Smith was right.Penguin should do it Become a black tie Debonair gang, not a sewer monster. Penguins are, after all, pretty pretty birds.

Anyway, I’m really excited to see Colin Farrell take on the character, especially considering him appear As Smith explained:

Robert Pattinson Penguins

Farrell’s screen time is reported to be only about 10 minutes. This suggests that the entire Batman / Penguin tracking sequence is taking place at the beginning of the movie.Perhaps you can get a glimpse of Batinson first (growing, right?) In action — and a kind of Raiders of the Lost ArkA style prologue before jumping straight into the actual story.


By the way, I don’t learn anything about this trailer storyline. And outside of this Zodiac-style shot, you’ll rarely see the villainous riddler of Paul Dano, his main adversary.

Batman trailer analysis

In addition, this joker-style news bit:

Batman trailer analysis

Batman It is rumored that he will go to work in almost three hours during Halloween, and it is characterized by Batman solving a series of murders.

we finally Are you going to see the world’s greatest detectives in action? Hell, yeah!

Anyway, I’m delving into a very interesting view of Dano’s riddler. But here’s the question: what is this guy doing? Obviously, he is a serial killer. Obviously, he leaves clues, as Riddler wants to do:

Also, something is clearly visible on his face. Because you can’t really see it unless you keep the hope that WB is all of us. For real I was excited to meet Paul Dano.

Finally, when you see him arrested at the beginning of the trailer and talking to Batman from prison, it’s clear that a Hannibal Lecter-flavored riddler is coming to a nearby theater … he kidnaps or kills many. Did you? Did Batman hide them throughout Gotham City to find out?

In the direction this is heading Batman It will be great.


Batman Provides the third large screen interpretation of Serena Kyle. From everything I’ve seen, Zoe Kravitz is a good fit for a glove-like role. This was one of those casting decisions, alongside Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon. My reaction was, “Yeah. Complete.” The actress looked at that part and her bit with Batinson appeared to be torn straight from the comic book:

The shot is amazing. Just as Serena is kicking, I think a stupid Henchman enough to break into her pad:

As you can see, Matt Reeves loves orange and yellow tones.

I don’t know what Serena’s role is in the movie, but I think she tried to steal something from the penguins and, as a result, made her first interaction with Batinson.Unless my whole thoughts about the prologue are wrong, then Serena is at a completely different party sporting Natalie Portman’s hair. Closer: Who really knows at this point, but it’s fun to guess.

Other odds and ends

The action on this photo looks insane.I love a bit that Batman just walks in the shooting hail, it makes similar moments The Dark Knight Rises — While Batman dodges Henchman bullets — looks a bit sissy in comparison.

Alfred now appears to be participating in the action. In addition, Andy Serkis’ CGI looks great.

Finally, I like what we get a little Arkham Knight-Violence inspired by Batman’s electrical attack on a thug.

In fact, that’s one of my favorites Batman So far: it looks like a great mix between the comic book Batman, Arkham Knight Batman, Nolan Batman, and Snyder Batman sprinkled Reeves’s stunning cinematic style. It’s also a winning combination while offering a fresh take.

Batman trailer showed that DC is heading in the right direction

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