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By Daniel R. Epstein, @ depstein1983

One of the biggest challenges in my day-to-day work as an elementary school special education teacher is to increase the vocabulary of my students, especially when it comes to emotions.The three big defaults are Sad happiness, And Mad. Leaving it to my device, all my students were happy to explain every letter they read and write, using only these three emotions. Even if I give them other options..

I used to think it was because I didn’t have enough other words in my repertoire, but I don’t think it’s true anymore. The problem is that English does an inadequate job to explain the range of human emotions. Our limbic system It’s more complicated than our language skills. Most of what we feel at a given moment cannot be explained in one word. As I read this now, I feel somehow curious, calm, melancholy, hungry, confused, impatient, and 50 other emotions, depending on what is happening in my life. maybe. Attempts to explain this are almost useless, so why bother in the third grade?

Moreover, emotions rarely make sense. Pretend to delay the goodbye home run in the bottom of the 9th inning. How do you feel the ball sailing over the fence?Probably some derivations Happy, correct? This should be one of the most amazing moments of your career as a professional ball player. But reading the faces of the few people who went there shows that this is not the case.

Jacob Stallings, Pittsburgh Pirates

What he looks like: Eat poorly cooked poultry

Jacob was raised politely. Thank you very much. However, he rarely experiences such a conflict between etiquette and self-preservation. Someone had a lot of trouble inviting him to their house and making him feel welcome, and otherwise prepared a nice meal, but the food was obviously inedible Hmm. He managed to squeeze the first bite, but there’s still a lot left on his plate. The standard dietary compliments are orderly as the host is waiting for his verdict, but wasn’t he also raised honestly? What’s more, how can he remain polite while allowing him to torture his digestive system any further?His only options are 1) fake illness, or 2) actually eating food become sick. Oh, this is a challenge!

What he actually did: Goodbye home run against the Cubs on September 22

Kyle Tucker, Houston Astros


What he looks like: Go home after a very long day at work

They can always say the way he goes through the door. When Dad gently closes and shouts, “I’m at home!” They run and dive into his arms, and cling to him until he tickles them. Today he locks it up behind him and says nothing. “Hi Dad,” they will make a phone call from another room, but they did not run to greet him, he does not answer. There is no tickling today.

What he actually did: Goodbye home run against the Mariners on August 16th

Jordan Luplow, Cleveland Indians


What he looks like: Witness a kitchen accident

Oh no, no, no, wrap it in some paper towels here. Here, hell is the first aid kit. Is there a gauze that really contains a lot of blood? I think I need to go to the hospital, maybe I need stitches, but I don’t know if anyone with the baby should call an ambulance I’m totally slowing down the bleeding, so put some pressure Please try. All I wanted was bagels, so that was it. Listen, ask a question?

What he actually did: Goodbye home run with the White Sox on September 23

Nick Markakis, Atlanta Braves


What he looks like: Help my cousin move to a new apartment

Why did he have to call I? Does he have no real friends? I could spend the day sleeping and watching soccer, but it’s not. There is not much in common. I haven’t hung out with him since I played tag in my aunt’s backyard. How was it 20 years ago? I can’t remember the last time I met him except at the wedding and funeral. At least they have better food. Now I’m throwing my back away and sweating for a slice of pizza and warm bottled water on Sunday.

“Nick, I’m really grateful for your help. Are you hanging there?”

Grrr. “Yeah, I’m happy to do that. That’s the purpose of my family.”

“You are the best, man. Come on, help this dresser.”

What he actually did: Goodbye home run against the Blue Jays on August 6th

Yasmani Grandal, White Sox


What he looks like: I’m trying to start an old lawn mower



Stupid, poor, worthless old scrap metal! It’s never terrible, it won’t start anymore! All my neighbors would think I’m a kind of idiot! Brenda, is this fun for you? Do you enjoy seeing me suffering? !! ?? Why don’t you get out of here and try to start this yourself? Better, mow your own dam lawn! You can lose a small child in your garden! Next year is finally the season to get rid of this wasted trash, I swear!


What he actually did: Goodbye home run against Royals on August 28

Are all batters simply miserable and unjoyful people? Every kid in Little League dreams of hitting the winner of the game, but the few who actually achieve this at the highest level don’t seem to be very happy with it. Perhaps this is the cost of professionalism. However, there is one counterexample …

Brett Phillips, Tampa Bay Rays


What he looks like: Celebrate the single that won the game in the World Series


What he actually did: hit The single that won the game in the World Series

There is no way to put that feeling into one word. When I tried it, I didn’t get close.

– MLB Sports

Batter can’t be delighted Batter can’t be delighted

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