Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform Play Details – PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC Separate from PS4 and Xbox One

DICE detailed some of Battlefield 2042’s plans. Specifically, it repeats how cross-play works across different consoles, how AI is used to keep the server full, and some news about upcoming technical playtesting. I will.

Unusually, given the scope of Battlefield 2042, the game has cross-play, but only between certain generations of devices. This means that the PS5 and Xbox Series X can play together in a 128-player battle, but the last generation is limited to 64 players, so the PS4 and Xbox One share their own server.

Here’s how they are grouped:

  • PC, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5 Console – PC and console can opt out to play together
  • Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console

In addition to cross-play, DICE and EA are also building cross-progression and cross-commerce. For example, all purchases and unlocks made on the Xbox Series X | S can be brought to your PC or PlayStation 5. This element seems to work across generations.

It is all this feature that is the focus of technical playtesting. This is an invitation-only private test and was announced at the Battlefield 2042 release. Unfortunately, DICE has decided that this test needs to be postponed until the end of the summer, which was scheduled for this month.

Technical playtests are conducted in a closed environment under strict NDA. Only a small group of participants can participate. If you are interested in playtesting, we recommend updating your EA playtesting profile. Enrolling in an EA Playtest does not guarantee access to this or any other Playtest.

During the technical play test, test a subset of the cross-play features. This means that you can test your PC, Xbox Series X | S, and PlayStation®5 console to play together during this test.

Battlefield 2042 helicopter

All these players could be AI bots …

Technical testing may give DICE an opportunity to see the behavior of AI soldiers. AI Soldiers are used in multiplayer, co-op, and solo modes, with more allies and enemies running around to fill the map. These are the basis of the experience, as DICE designs games that AI soldiers are accustomed to. “Backfill” server with up to 64 AI soldiers.. In fact, DICE says, “There is a limit to the number you can encounter in a multiplayer match. In general, you won’t experience more AI soldiers than a player unless the match is still full or almost empty. Always prioritizes matchmaking over AI. “

They also explained that these AI soldiers perform normal tasks, although their abilities are basically limited.

AI Soldiers are intended to play the game as if you were playing it yourself. However, it is not designed as a specialist and you cannot use its characteristics and specialties. You can see that you are performing certain tasks, such as using the vehicle calling system, engaging with the vehicle, and getting goals. They can’t use wingsuits, but they have the intelligence to decide whether to engage you through enemy fire, flanking, throwing grenades, or reviving down squad buddies. I am.

In other words, if you see someone actually doing what you want, it’s probably a bot.

So far, DICE has revealed only two game modes from Battlefield 2042’s “All Out Warfare” gameplay experience. More game modes will be announced and released in the coming months.Hazard zone, new high stakes game type by category Absent The third experience, developed by Battle Royale, DICE LA, will be unveiled at EA Play Live on Thursday, July 22nd. This is rumored to be a spectacular mashup of previous games in the series.

Source: The Verge

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Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform Play Details – PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC Separate from PS4 and Xbox One

Source link Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform Play Details – PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC Separate from PS4 and Xbox One

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