Battlefield 2042 Review: Unique and fast-paced title

It’s an interesting take, it’s boring, so I’ll feed it. I know why people are complaining. terrible… literally a 2/10 game, barely.
If you find this game great, try BF1 or BF4.
They basically deleted most of what made BF, BF. This is an imitation of Apex / CoDBF.
There are countless lists of how many of them have been removed, but I personally have the biggest violation of why I refunded the game and reverted to the old title.

  • The leaderboard is gone. In a competitive FPS game .. Sink it .. It’s like removing the scoreboard from CS. Can you imagine? The game would be meaningless. Another step to spoil snowflakes that are unable to cope with performance in competitive FPS games and seek to find and improve gameplay weaknesses.
  • Delete class. Specialists are there to squeeze money like a hero at the top. Now anyone can do anything, it’s very ridiculous. Classes are one of the real things that made BF special and part of its core gameplay.
  • The soldier’s design is funny. People cannot be distinguished because the same specialist “plays” on both sides. They look like cartoon characters running around in stupid costumes, not the proper soldier costumes like real war people. As you know, BF is, after all, considered like a “realistic” wargame. And don’t even start the clinge voice line after each game .. “It was fun”. “No sadness, that’s sometimes the way it works.”
  • Beyond the terrible, terrible map.. Seven maps, record lows, and they are very bad. An open and lively house is empty (in previous games there was always a lot of furniture etc. to bring the map to life) and there is no map focused on small inf. If you want a successful game like BF, you can’t release a map like this. Look at maps such as BF4, BC2, BF1. Some maps aren’t the best, but there are plenty of great iconic maps that players will love. On BF2042, all maps are bad.
  • You can do almost nothing about squad management, you can’t create new squads, you can’t create private squads, you can’t reduce the size of your squads. If your companion ends up on the other side of the match, you will not be able to exchange teams. In a competitive team-based teamplay game …
  • There is no server browser. Finding the right server with less pings, finding the right server for map rotation (not important in BF2042 because the map is terrible, but still), the player chooses the right favorite server.
  • Barely any weapon. 22 weapons in all ranges …. 2 LMGs .. attachments with the same status, what’s the point? good.
  • No SP. So they concentrated all their resources on the MP and it failed. SP was generally fun, but it’s understandable why we focused solely on MP. But in reality, the MPBF experience needs to be nailed. (Of course, they missed on the galaxy miles).
  • Lots of bugs and performance are terrible. It’s very bad that even cheat developers are starting to leave the game (LOL) because the game doesn’t run properly and beginners can use the cheat software properly.
  • Where are the player statistics? There are no player statistics details. In a competitive FPS game. The same story as the first point. Leader board.
  • Boat / Navy vehicle? It was erased. It’s on the main loading screen just to make fun of you.
  • Suppressive fire / sniper fire bonuses / assists are counted as kills, repair points, etc. There aren’t many point options that have been fun / rewarding in past games.
  • There is no destruction. See BC2 and BF4 / BF1. Some glorious destruction that actually changed the landscape of the map, like a real war. Now it’s basically gone. It does very limited damage, but it’s funny compared to the amount of older games since BC2.

This is a more complete list, but I personally mentioned something that was really annoying.
Here is a list of the missing features of Battlefield 2042 that existed in past BF games

Disclaimer: BF veteran angry that EA / DICE destroyed this beloved franchise.

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