Battlefield 5 Autumn update released on Tuesday with full patch notes released

The Fall Update for Battlefield 5 will be released on Tuesday, November 17th, with enhanced support for indie game features. It also adds a number of bug fixes, including two new elite soldiers, a bundle of new cosmetic items, and a broken Globerotter achievement.

Indie games are basically a custom game version of Battlefield 5, and this update gives players more freedom to customize their battles. For example, players will be able to adjust variables such as bullet damage and vehicle respawn time, and select available weapons, classes, and gadgets on the map.

This update also includes other minor fixes, such as making all weapons and gadgets available in the game’s practice range, returning the Pacific War to the core matchmaking pool, and more. Rush, Frontlines, and Domination have been removed from Quickplay accordingly.

Battlefield 5 Autumn Update Patch Notes

What’s New?

  • Improvements and enhancements to indie game functionality
  • New Elite: Jonathan McNeill and Siegfried Albrecht (both available in Company Coins)
  • Globetrotter Achievement fix

Indie game

Indie games will be inactive immediately after the update is released. After the final check is complete, turn on the feature.Please keep an eye on @battlefield Please check for the latest information or check this post for the latest information.

Let’s get started with good things! Once the update is installed, all Battlefield V owners will be able to set up new configurations for indie games.

If you have never used this feature before[プレイ]->[マルチプレイヤー]->[コミュニティゲームの作成]It is in. The first time you enter this menu, here’s some information to keep your indie game safe and a positive place to play Battlefield V (if you find a server that doesn’t meet these criteria). Always reports the server using the new in-game tools).


The following is a breakdown of the new settings that can be applied to further customize the indie game experience.

  • Adjust bullet damage-50% / 100% / 125% / 200%
  • Adjusting the number of tickets-50% / 100% / 200%
  • Adjust soldier respawn time-50% / 100% / 200%
  • Adjust vehicle respawn time-50% / 100% / 200%
  • Round time adjustment-0% / 50% / 100% / 200% / 500%

These options are lined up to provide additional tweaks to the original feature set of indie games.

  • Create and name some game configurations
  • Create and participate in community games
  • Select a game mode
  • Select a map
  • Select the maximum number of players (from a predefined list)
  • Select the number of rounds the server will play
  • Choose a password
  • Kick the player from the server
  • Ban and manage banned players (sessions only)

In addition, we’ve added two new features to Indie Games to allow you to view and share what your server is and what kind of experience you want your players to have while playing on the server.

  • Set a custom name for the server
  • Set the server description

We’ve also incorporated a deeper level of customization to give players more control over the options available to them and the types of kits, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles they access when spawning on the server.

Class (on / off)

Weapon (on / off)

  • Assault rifle
  • Semi-automatic rifle
  • Bolt action carbine
  • SMGS
  • LMGS
  • MMGS
  • Shotgun
  • Cloth rifle
  • Bolt action rifle
  • Pistol carbine
  • Self-loading rifle
  • Side arm
  • Grenade
  • Melee attack

Gadget (on / off)

  • Anti-vehicle launcher
  • Anti-infantry launcher
  • Ammunition supply
  • Healing supply
  • Self-healing
  • Grenade
  • Build tool
  • Reinforcement

Vehicle (on / off)

Beyond these options, we’ve been working to further modify the experience and provide unique toggles that allow you to push more hardcore settings.

Additional switching (on / off)

  • Aim Assist Autorotation
  • Aim Assist Slow Down
  • Compass
  • Friendly fire
  • Kill the cam
  • Mini map
  • Reload the entire mug
  • Regenerative health
  • Soldier name tag
  • Squad leader spawn only
  • Vehicle third person camera

If you’re looking for inspiration, there are several DICE Authored Game Configs within the Community Game Options that you can quickly launch or adjust yourself. Be creative and share your setup with us!

Fixes, changes, and improvements

  • Fixed an issue that could previously occur in the practice range while interacting with the Weapon Selection Box.
  • Fixed an issue with indie game settings to enable pre-round size in frontline games.
  • Fixed the Breda M1935 PG to ensure the correct ammo count when spawned when fully specialized beyond Layer 3.
  • Fixed a lunge mine when switching from binoculars and no longer triggers knockdown animations.
  • Fixed the “loose part” hairstyle to make it available to the company’s German female characters.
  • Welgun has been modified so that it can be inspected.
  • Fixed Provence location where players could get stuck in certain locations in the windmill.
  • Fixed the location of Provence where there were two ammo stations instead of one ammo and one medical station.
  • The Kampfpistole dog tag has been fixed to correctly count “corrupted players”.
  • Fixed an issue with airplanes added in the Summer Update to fix the draw distance so that it can be viewed consistently from the perspective of other players.
  • Fixed some weapons that do not have visible bipods or parts within the practice range.
  • Fixed 12g auto and model 37 recoil so that recoil works properly when crouching or lying down.
  • Fixed a situation where the K31 could have an incorrect scope switching UI if you are also using Doppel Schuss.
  • The P51’s high altitude specialization has been fixed to get the correct effect.
  • Fixed a localization issue in the Brazilian version of Battlefield V so that the PPK is displayed with the correct information.
  • Fixed a bug where German tanks weren’t available before the round when playing Conquest in Provence.
  • Fixed Globetrotter achievements. As you play rounds on Twisted Steel, they will be updated accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue with dead eye outfits when looking down at the sight.
  • Fixed an issue where Puma AP shells were heavily damaged by explosive blasts. Their impact damage and speed have been increased to make up for it.
  • Corrected the description of T34 Calliope so that it fits in the UI.
  • Changed the quick play option to return “Pacific War” to the matchmaking pool. Removed “Rush, Frontline, Domination” from the quick play options.
  • Changed the flamethrower spawn to Devastation, Breakthrough to spawn early in the round and make it better available to influence the outcome of the round.
  • Changed Libya to add clashes and prevent players from using the out-of-combat area near C in Conquest. This used to give Recons too much of an unfair advantage.
  • Changed the practice range so that all weapons, gadgets, and grenades are available. Also, the M1 Garand Grenade Launcher is now automatically available in this area.
  • Changed the Republique set of the British faction to the correct Allied color.
  • The Provence TDM spawn position has been improved so that it is no longer trapped between assets.
  • Improved the flow of indie games so that password protected server owners are not asked for a password when joining the server.

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