Battlefield 5 Update 7.3 released on Tuesday reveals patch notes

Battlefield 5 received a major fall update just a few weeks ago. I already have another patch. However, Update 7.3 is relatively minor, small but permanent, such as making sure that unlockable cosmetics are actually unlocked, modifying paint jobs on certain planes, and so on. The focus is on fixing bugs.

Below is a complete patch note, but the most notable fix is ​​for a bug where EA Play users appear as trial users and many players complain. This patch also updates the game loading screen with some new artwork.

The Fall Battlefield 5 update was released on November 17th, adding two new elite soldiers and a variety of cosmetic items to the game. It also fixed the achievements of the Broken Globetrotter, which Trophy Hunters certainly appreciated. With this update, the indie game features have been redesigned to allow players to customize their games.

Battlefield 5 Update 7.3 Patch Notes

  • Updated loading screen with new artwork
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players accessing Battlefield V via EA Play to appear as trial users
  • The correct rank is now displayed in your company
  • Fixed an issue where the rank-up message was not displayed during the round
  • Friendly name tags are properly disabled when the name tag mutator is set to OFF
  • Serpentine paint job is now available for Corsair F4U-1C company
  • New Zealand airplane paint jobs are displayed correctly when in the Corsair F4U1-A cockpit view
  • Hazard skins are now properly available for both male and female soldiers
  • When switching the game size from 64/32 player to 16 player, I confirmed that the minimum player mutator of the indie game remains the same as the previous selection
  • Loose part hairstyles are now properly available and can now be unlocked from the company

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