Battlepalooza is a battle royale set in a real-world city and will be available on mobile on December 10th.

Battlepalooza of nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca, is a cartoon battle royale where battles take place in various cities in the real world. It will arrive on December 10th.

Unlike super-competitive battle royale such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, Battlepalooza is aimed at casual players who are not interested in improving reaction time and aiming for skills.

The action is viewed from a top-down perspective, and the gameplay incorporates elements of the RPG and MOBA genres to expand its appeal. Strategy, skill and luck all play their part (not just skill).

The number of players is more sophisticated than you’re used to in battle royale, with 24 players playing instead of the usual 100. In two team modes, there are 12 or 8 players.

Game equipment and weapon choices include gravity bombs, cannon bots, invisible equipment, drones, warp potions, barricades, and more.

Battlepalooze was developed in collaboration with Google’s Real-Wprld Games team (verbally from the press release) and uses Google Maps data to recreate cities such as Las Vegas and San Francisco. More will be added “continuously”.

You can now pre-register for Battlepalooza on the Google Play Store.

Battlepalooza is a Battle Royale Set in Real World Cities, Coming to Mobile on December 10th

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