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December 23, 2020 21:51:51

Babar Azam has been harassed because of his famous personality, his lawyer said. (File)

Pakistani captain Babar Azam’s lawyer has threatened Lahore-based Hamiza Mukhtar and accused him of demanding rupees 10 million to withdraw allegations of sexual exploitation, fraud and harassment of top cricket players.

At a session court hearing in Lahore on Wednesday, lawyers said Hamiza would extend the trial “so that she could threaten and harass Babar,” who is with the national team currently in New Zealand. He said he relied on delaying tactics.

In a petition filed in court, Hamiza claimed that Babar had a relationship with her and promised to marry her before sexually exploiting and spending her money.

However, a Pakistani captain’s legal adviser said the girl first demanded 10 million rupees to withdraw her proceedings and then reduced her demand to 2 million rupees, but he said the client “she”. “Everyone” insisted that he would not pay a single Paisa. The claim was groundless. “

“She is trying to slander and harass my clients, knowing that he is a famous personality,” he told the court.

He also asked a judge in the Sessions Court to summon Hamiza’s attorney and instruct him to conclude the discussion in the case.

The court later postponed the hearing and instructed Hamiza’s attorney to appear and read his allegations.

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Bavar Azam’s lawyer accuses women of threatening clients Bavar Azam’s lawyer accuses women of threatening clients

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