Beachhouse star Noah Le Gros talks about his role in horror movies [Exclusive Interview]

If you’re looking for the horror of the new year in 2021, RLJE film Beach house A Shudder Original. The film features Jeffrey A. Brown’s directorial debut. This movie doesn’t use your traditional jump scare to pump your blood. Rather it uses the performance of actors and actresses to move your imagination. Sometimes it’s not what you see, it’s an unknown that can be scary.

The movie will be starring Liana Liberato, Noalgro, Mariannagel and Jake Weber.Here is an overview Beach house.. :
At THE BEACH HOUSE, college students Emily (Liberato) and Randor (Ruglo) arrive on a weekend vacation and discover a unique older couple who are already staying there, hoping to rekindle their relationship. did. They all agree to share a home, but after a luxury night of the party, they awaken to a living nightmare of apocalyptic proportions. A mysterious airborne microorganism is infected with water and is flowing into the house …

Beach house

LRM Online I had the opportunity to talk to a star Beach house, Noah Le Gros. In our conversation, we talk about his personality and the crossroads where he and his co-stars find themselves in their relationships and in life. We will also touch on Brown’s directorial debut. Check out the trailer and then check out the interview below!

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Emmanuel: Thank you for talking about the beach house today.

Noah: Yeah. I’m happy, man.

Emmanuel: Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

Noah: I play Randall at the beach house. He thinks, in a way, is the main reason we arrived at the beach house. He’s probably like a college student who’s too intellectual, as many people are at that age, questioning everything and trying to find a crossroads. I think he probably knows more than he does. He takes his girlfriend, played by Liana. I think she did a really great job. I was hoping that things would go one way back in my family’s summer beach house. Unplug a little to get the moment things work in this relationship. It obviously goes in a very different direction, and all lovecraft goes suddenly.

Emmanuelle: In the movie, I would like to talk a little about the relationship with Emily and Liana. You seem to be at a crossroads on your own in terms of ideology and what you want to do in your future. That is one of the points of this kind of vacation. Am i right?

Noah: Yeah. No, sure. As I said, college is a moment of intense growth for many, such as their age and early twenties. At least it’s the first time in many ways that people have begun to make real, more adult decisions. I think college is, in many ways, an extension of childhood for many. That is wonderful. But I think it’s also an opportunity for children to actually make more decisions and ask themselves. “Who am I outside my parents? Who am I making my own decisions?”

I think this also applies to Liana’s character. She is very ambitious and focuses on her super career. She has a very clear idea of ​​what she wants to do and I’m not sure if that’s the traditional way, but she’s focused on her career. She has a goal. She is really smart. I think Randall is a little disillusioned. I think he is disillusioned with college. I think he is disillusioned with the traditional framework of how to live life. Randall wants to withdraw this kind of fairy tale life and live, so these two ideas are clearly a clash. Riana’s character, Emily, wants to follow her career. She wants to be a scientist and do big things. And I think they are two kinds of conflicting ideas about how to live life.

Emmanuelle: Then I come across a little Mitch and Jane in the movie. You will see the difference, where you are really about to start your life, and maybe you may go on different paths. Then you see them where they are at the end of their lives. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Noah: Yeah. I think that there are inevitably more spectators than the characters themselves. Just to provide a clear kind of description of people in two different places, different stages of relationships. So when we were doing that, I didn’t necessarily think Randall and Emily were looking at this couple and wondering where they were in their lives. I think that’s what it means. You don’t always notice things like you did when you were young. You are just like living and trying to understand it. You have no experience yet. I don’t have the experience and wisdom of the elderly. You say, “I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m trying to understand it.”

But I think Randall has all these plans. Emily has all these plans. All the characters in this movie have big and small plans. They are all somewhat obsolete due to the experience they all forced. It’s as if you want to do whatever you want in your life. But to some extent when there is something big enough that we all think we are experiencing it now? Just as everyone had an idea of ​​what 2020 would be, and this virus has other ideas for us. I think it’s part of the driving force of the film. We are here. We are doing ourselves on earth. We are all working on different things at different times in our lives. But in an instant, they can all become very insignificant due to certain random and natural events.

Emmanuelle: This is Jeffrey A. Brown’s directorial debut horror film. It has a very minimalist way to get under your skin. Much of it is related to your acting, your facial expressions, and your movements, as it is in your body. Can you talk about how to prepare it and how to do it as a set?

Noah: I think that is reflected in that direction. I think he chose to focus on something very specific, the exact opposite of the slasher. Like the House of 1000 Corpses, blood and all this is everywhere, beyond a sort of horror. It’s a very specific and sophisticated way to approach things, and I think you’ll do a lot with very few things. I think Jeff was talking about this. He’s been on location for a long time, so I think he knows how to get the most out of where he is. We’ve only used one place all the time, but I think he knows how to get the most out of what he’s working on.

Emmanuel: What’s the difference between such a project working with a very minimal cast compared to some other projects you’ve been working on?

Noah: When you get to it, it really doesn’t make much difference to be honest. At least in my experience. Maybe as a producer or something like that, it can be more stressful as you are trying to do more with less. But when you’re in it, you’re just doing it. Like the experience of actually making things, what’s happening, big and small, is that you get to the scene, get to the place, have a director and a camera crew, and get some sense. The same is true when you are actually in it.

Maybe the place isn’t that big and you’re not on a healthy stage or something. But I never feel it is so different. There are few people around. You’re a little more together, so it can be fun in a way. But I don’t think it’s kind of the idea that working on something like Netflix or an indie movie is like a radically different experience. It’s like different shades of the same color.

Beach house Now available for VOD, Digital HD, DVD and Blu-Ray.

Beach house

Beachhouse star Noah Le Gros talks about his role in horror movies [Exclusive Interview]

https://lrmonline.com/news/the-beach-house-star-noah-le-gros-talks-about-his-role-in-the-horror-film-exclusive-interview/ Beachhouse star Noah Le Gros talks about his role in horror movies [Exclusive Interview]

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