Beast Bay DX heads to Switch next week

Beast Bay DX

Kairosoft The eShop list shows that the Beastie Bay DX will be available next week, so another game is planned for Switch.

Like the company’s other games, Beastie Bay DX is a simulation title. After arriving at a desolate island, try to survive by planting crops, building houses and power sources, and changing areas in different ways.

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Can you prosper, launched on a desolate island and surrounded by savage beasts … or can you just survive?

Blaze reaches an unknown territory … and make it your own! Plant crops, build homes and power supplies, and turn the island into your own personal paradise. As you progress, you’ll be able to develop new gear and technology to take your adventure to the next level, including how to travel to nearby unexplored islands!

A native animal that is aiming for you as your next meal? Catch creatures, exchange them with friends, and train them to fight for you! Most have basic strengths and weaknesses, so use these for your advantages in combat.

If you adventure far enough, you may find signs of civilization. If you make the right friends, your humble island may grow into an economic powerhouse complete with hot springs, hotels, and heliports. The possibilities are as endless as the horizon!

Survival of the fittest has never been fun! When you develop a primitive island into a slice of gorgeous paradise, you call a shot!

Beastie Bay DX will be digitally sold to Switch through the e-shop. The price is set at $ 12.

Source: Switch eShop

Beast Bay DX heads to Switch next week

Source link Beast Bay DX heads to Switch next week

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