Beast’s net worth in 2020 (Jimmy Donaldson)

What is Beast’s net worth?

Net worth: $ 8 million
age: twenty two
birth: May 7, 1998
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Professional YouTuber
Last updated: 2020


Jimmy Donaldson “Mr. Beast” is a well-established YouTuber known for his expensive stunts and philanthropy. Donaldson has a huge fan base on social media and is the co-creator of the Arborday Foundation’s fundraising campaign, Team Tree.

As of 2020, Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth is estimated at $ 8 million.

early life

Jimmy Donaldson was born on May 7, 1998 in Greenville, North Carolina. Donaldson was raised by his mother and spent most of his childhood with his brother.

In 2012, he created a YouTube channel and started posting random videos. He first got a lot of attention when he posted a video titled “Worst IntrosOn YouTube”.


Over the years on his YouTube channel, he has gained more and more subscribers. He started spending thousands of dollars online and started posting videos such as “$ 5 for Hot Girls to Promote Your YouTube Channel”.

Beast’s fame came when he started posting heartwarming videos such as “Give $ 10,000 to Random Homeless Men.” He continued to post such videos, claiming that an app called “Quidd” sponsored the money he gave people.

His most watched YouTube videos include “I bought a car using only penny”, “I donated $ 30,000 to a random single contraction streamer”, “I flew using only a leaf blower”, ” Is it possible to stop a bullet with 100,000 sheets of paper? ” ‘

One of his videos, named “Gave $ 500,000 To Random People,” has already received over 10 million views. He is also popular on other social media platforms and owns an online store that sells T-shirts.

As of 2020, Beast’s net worth is $ 8 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Jimmy Donaldson’s career:

  • 46.6 million YouTube subscribers (2020)
  • Purchased the world’s largest fireworks (YouTube video, played 56 million times, 2020)
  • Team tree co-creator

Favorite quote from Jimmy Donaldson

“I used to make $ 1 a day, so I didn’t even have a mic. My idea was to reinvest everything I made. Every time I get paid, it’s one. It was a monthly budget. “ – Jimmy Donaldson

“One of the reasons I like giving out money is that I want to see how people react. If you give someone $ 10,000, like” it’s yours, ” What do they do? Some people don’t believe in you. Some people think it’s a fake. It’s just fun. “– Jimmy Donaldson

“The hardest part for me was to make it more relevant. It took me about five years to go everywhere. And every week I was just like’I should just quit? Time Are you wasting? “ – Jimmy Donaldson

“My goal is to create a new vlog channel to create a vlog that runs a charity. All advertising revenue, merchandise sales, branding, etc. are directed to feeding / helping charity people. I honestly think this can support multiple communities. “ – Jimmy Donaldson

One life lesson from Jimmy Donaldson

Now you have a complete understanding of Mr. Beast’s net worth and how he was successful. Let’s take a look at one of the best lessons we can learn from him:

1. Enjoy life

Jimmy Donaldson likes to make others happy and the art of life is to know how to enjoy a little.

2. Return

Most of Beast’s growth and success on YouTube is believed to be due to repayment. His videos most often include giving money, cars, groceries, etc. to others. There is a benefit to both sides in this situation as people receive unexpected gifts and in return he receives viral content on his channel.


Jimmy Donaldson “Mr.” Beast “has one of the most successful YouTube channels in the world. He first got a lot of attention when he started posting videos about the worst intros on YouTube. Donaldson is also popular on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

As of 2020, Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth is estimated at $ 8 million.

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