“Beauty and the Beast” actor says there would be no melun without the bell

1991s beauty and the Beast Is generally considered one of the best animated films Disney has ever made, featuring stunning hand-drawn animations, toe-striking songs, and witty screenplays. The movie influenced the stage show, $ 1 billion live-action movie, And the heroine Belle is one of the most popular Disney princesses.

Over the years, Bell has received a lot of praise for breaking away from the traditional princess mold. She is fiercely independent and self-educated, and the story overturns the mold of the “maiden of pain” by making Gaston a villain.

Now her voice actor, Paige O’Hara, said she believes that without Bell, the state of Disney Princesses could be very different.of Interview with Mark THR beauty and the Beast30th anniversary, She said:

Without Bell and Ariel, Mulan wouldn’t have been. The princess is getting stronger and stronger, and she doesn’t need a man to find happiness. The beast happened, but she wasn’t looking for him, that’s for sure.

It’s a fair statement, but many point out that the character is much older than the bell, as many believe that the “Mulan Ballad” started around 400 AD.

But it’s hard to argue that Bell didn’t show a change in the ocean in Disney’s treatment of princesses.Almost everyone, the best example is from Merida, since Bell overturned the expectations of fairy tales. Brave, The whole thing was rebelling against how a polite girl should behave.

Meanwhile, Belle has lived far beyond the French countryside. She is at the heart of the Disney Princess franchise, regularly appearing in new projects and still shifting tons of princess-themed merchandise for the Mouse House. She has also proven to be very memetic, especially in the eyebrow reaction GIF department.

beauty and the Beast Can be streamed with Disney Plus

“Beauty and the Beast” actor says there would be no melun without the bell

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/beauty-and-the-beast-actor-says-without-belle-thered-be-no-mulan/ “Beauty and the Beast” actor says there would be no melun without the bell

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