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Becky Levi is really one of MMA’s Godmothers.

Levi’s saw everything in the late 90’s, aside from heyday training such as UFC Hall of Fame Dan Severn and Don Frye. Severn taught and played professional wrestling outside his MMA career while MMA was still finding a foothold as a sport. Tagging by Levi has led to some unique experiences.

“Everyone was really great,” Levis told MyMMA News when he returned behind the scenes at the WWF event. “I actually met [Dwayne] The rock [Johnson] And some other guys. They were trying to beat me Chyna. They said, “We don’t like her, why don’t you give her your shooter?” “Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea,” I thought. ..

Joan “Chyna” Laurer, like MMA’s Levi, was a pioneer of professional wrestling women. China wasn’t just a “pretty face”, she showed that there was more to women and broke barriers in several ways, including playing against men.

But, according to Levi, it didn’t make her the most friendly person around.

“There was a changing room for women and men,” she recalled. “I went to the changing room to use the toilet, and they were wearing their makeup there. I walked there and Chyna looked at me,” You are here. I can’t do that. ” I look at her dead eyes and go, “What?” She said, “You can’t be here.” I go, “Oh, okay.” I went to the bathroom and came out.Blonde [Terri Runnels] – All her eyes were very wide. Then I came out and said to those I was already talking to, “What happened to that Chinese chick, man? She told me I couldn’t be in the changing room. They said. Just go, “Oh yeah, you should have broken her!” And all these things.

“Dan was preparing to go out and I was standing behind the curtain. She appeared and stood next to me. She says,” Hey, I’m really sorry about that. ” .. I basically pulled the person I hate-she stood right next to me. I looked back and looked at her, and I turned my head straight, and I never said a word to her. The men were just dying, like everyone else. We can’t stand her! That was my encounter with Chyna.

“I was trying to be a bad guy, but it was funny because it wasn’t me,” Levi laughed.

Levi, who stood 6 feet 1 with two black belts in judo, became 7-1 in his MMA career from 1996 to 2000. Anyway, Levi says he competed again after losing. Marloes Coenen At the ReMix World Cup.

In professional wrestling terms, being a “shooter” means a wrestler with a legitimate martial arts background. Levi was exactly that, but following the persuasion from Severn, her lonely appearance in the wrestling ring was short-lived.

“I did it once, but never again. I didn’t like it,” Levi said. “I absolutely hated it. He also taught wrestling, right? So he thought I could go to one of those shows, so I learned a few things too. I hoped that.

“I did it once, and I said I would never do it again. The interesting part was that they advertised me as what they call a” shooter “in the professional wrestling world. I was just saying, “Oh, this is the worst thing in history.” “

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Becky Levi recalls a behind-the-scenes encounter with WWF’s old Chyna Becky Levi recalls a behind-the-scenes encounter with WWF’s old Chyna

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