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Behind Enemy Lines are weekly enemies in Tampa Bay’s NFC South area. Spy Bucs division rivals.

Atlanta Falcons

• The Falcons will enter the market for new head coaches and general managers this offseason, but is it possible that the new head coach is actually wearing a headset now?

Deputy General Manager Rich McKay recently said interim head coach Raheem Morris is worth considering after the season.

Arthur Blank and Rich McKay-Photo: USA Today

“He will definitely be interviewed in the process,” McKay said. “He got that right. I’ve known Raheem for a long time. I remember when I hired him as an assistant secondary coach in Tampa. He’s a really good football coach. He’s a really good football coach. Inheriting the situation. We were 0-5. For the interim coach with 11 weeks left, that’s not difficult. He has the right to an interview and will. “

After taking over the fired Dan Quinn, Morris led the Falcons to a 4-5 record, despite many injuries to key contributors on both sides of the ball. And Bucs players and coaches will say that the Falcons haven’t packed for a year, as evidenced by taking Bucs to the network last Sunday.

• Despite poor running performance against Bucks on Sunday, Morris told the media this week that Ito Smith’s third-string running back will be the team’s starter in the last two weeks of the season. This is despite paying Todd Gurley and Bryan Gil a total of $ 7.6 million this year. Smith started the match against Tampa Bay on Sunday and ran 24 yards with six carries.

• Another week, and another Falcons player is on the COVID list. The Falcons added Austin Edwards, the practice team’s defensive end, to the Reserve / COVID-19 list on Tuesday. As in most cases, I didn’t know if Edwards tested positive on his own or if he contacted someone who had one.

Carolina Panthers

• The new Panthers owner, David Tepper, surprised many of the big movers in the organization this week and fired general manager Marty Harney on Monday.

According to the team’s website, “I think it may need to be restarted or updated from time to time,” Tepper said. “Last year I did it on the coaching side. Maybe you can say it should have been done on the GM side before. Maybe it was. I think people did it or so. If not, I’m sure I might say it on both sides. I think it’s time for both sides to do it. It seems like it’s a good time to move forward. “

Tepper told local media at a conference call this week that he has no plans to use an outside third-party company for this off-season GM search, and head coach Matt Rouret has some opinion on the decision.

• The Panthers dumped Cam Newton for Teddy Bridgewater this past offseason, but the results weren’t what many expected.

Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater
Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater-Photo: USA Today

Tepper told the media that, like all players, Bridgewater was valued this offseason and the team may be looking for an upgrade.

“When you reach quarterbacks and the NFL in general, I think you’re always trying to understand, do you have the best in this position right now?” Tepper said on Monday. “And it’s a constant evaluation and re-evaluation, and that’s what we always experience.

“It’s an ongoing process and it’s someone’s problem that you can be that guy who can help you win. That’s the most important position on the scene. Going to the playoffs or the Super Bowl Unless you can be sure, you need to keep re-evaluating it, because it’s only the Super Bowl that matters, and you evaluate, evaluate, and evaluate every year until you get the guy. “

Bridgewater stats are strong this season, but eight attempts in 2020 failed to lead the Panthers to a come-from-behind victory. That year, Bridgewater threw 3,360 yards with 14 touchdowns and 8 intercepts.

• Christian McCaffrey, whose fingers crossed by the organization and its fans, may return to practice this week and play this weekend, Roule said.

“I’m looking forward to seeing him practice on Wednesday,” Rure said by ESPN. “If he can, I think we’re on track. If he can’t, I’ll probably give those guys to Mike. [Davis] And Rody [Smith] Get ready to play. It’s been a while since practice for Christians, so even if you can play well, you still need to practice. That will make me feel better on Wednesday, but I think it’s possible. “

McCaffrey, who had the highest running back in the NFL this offseason, suffered ankle, shoulder and thigh injuries and played in just three games this year.

New Orleans Saints

• Saints seemed to have been in cruise control just a few games ago, leading four games in the NFC South and taking first place seed in the playoffs. After two weeks and two losses, the saints are struggling to postpone the delayed accusations from Tampa Bay.

Saints lost to Red Hot Chiefs 32-29 last week for the first time since injured quarterback Drew Brees broke multiple ribs and punctured his lungs before returning to the lineup. It was. Saints rebounded late, but Breeze’s overall performance (234 yards 15-of-34 with three touchdowns and intercepts) wasn’t like Breeze.

Saints QB Drew Brees
Saints QB Drew Brees-Photo: USA Today

Future Hall of Fame said he was reshaping himself after the match.

“I think I was able to throw the ball well. It was a kind of rise from last week to the beginning of this week and throughout the practice,” Breeze said. “There’s still a little way to go. To be honest. There are some things I’m still working on, but that’s it.”

• In the match against the Chiefs, defensive end Cam Jordan was sent off in the second half after a punch. Jordan apologized in a Twitter post for hurting the team after the match.

“No excuses! No matter how I felt about it, the ejectable attack was the result, I hurt the team, and in the fourth quarter of an important drive! It’s me! This of mine Loss! Can’t happen! Any fix will make me better. “

Most Bucs fans felt it was karma after Jordan threw hay in the first week’s match against the Buccaneers, but even slammed Tampa Bay players in the mountains clearly visible in the replay. The flag was not set.

• Michael Thomas, the lead reception leader for 2019, struggled to stay healthy after spraining his ankle against the Buccaneers in the opening round of the season. Thomas returned in time for the playoffs, and Sean Payton head coach talked about the decision to put Thomas on the injured list.

“He was grinded and productive, catching eight and nine balls, but the sprained nature of his ankles didn’t improve until football stopped,” Peyton said. I did. “If this had won and you were involved, our approach would have been very different.”

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Behind the Enemy: Panthers Fire GM, Morris for Interview, Saint Reel Behind the Enemy: Panthers Fire GM, Morris for Interview, Saint Reel

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