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WWE SmackDown Results
January 29, 2021

Daniel Bryan has already held a show in the ring. He admitted he didn’t know how many royal rumble he had left in the tank, but he’s excited on Sunday as one of the rare praises he hasn’t achieved yet in his career. His hips are loose and he feels good thanks to an additional training session with Chaz Gable and Otis.

AJ style We’ve regained an inter-brand invitation to be interrupted by Omos and randomly revived whenever we need to pretend that there is no brand split. Brian claims to be one leg of the door while he beats all the names in life on Monday night. Brian challenged him and Styles accepted!

Bianca Belair def. Bailey.. A good game. Bailey I moved my arm and tried a part of the opponent’s power game. Berea called it the biggest win of her career and made a great promotion after promising to win the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

King Corbin def. Dominik Mysterio. It started as a brawl in which Dominique attacks from behind at the entrance to Corbyn. How good Dom is always impresses how little his relative experience is. It is consistently improving. Corbyn tried to attack Rey Mysterio after the match, but was dropped by a picket running from the apron.

Big E was talking behind the scenes with Sonya Devil when Mizu and Morrison, also from Law, interrupted. They eventually go into discussion and BigE leaves both of them asleep.

Reginald gave Sasha Banks a bottle of wine behind the scenes. She pretended to flirt with him and said she was going to break Carmela’s chin with a rumble.

Sami Zain attempted to help Shinsuke Nakamura regain the Intercontinental Championship from the Big E.

Daniel Bryan def. AJ style Through disqualification. Well, stay with me … Sami Zain came out during a match with his documentary crew protesting the so-called plot against him. Big E came out and started fighting him. Cesarro was involved, and finally Zayn attacked Brian and finished. Nakamura came out in a 6-person tag match.

Daniel Bryan & Big E & Shinsuke Nakamura def. Sami Zain & Sesaro & AJ style Through disqualification. Ms. and John Morrison came out during the match and attacked Babyface. Otis came out …

Daniel Bryan & Big E & Shinsuke Nakamura & Otis & Sheamus def. AJ style & Sami Zain & Sesaro & The Miz & John Morrison. Yes, you read it correctly. It was a handicap match until Sheamus randomly ran out of baby face hot tags. He won by hitting Zein’s brogue kick.

Yes Yes. 1v1 has changed to 3v3 and 4v5 has changed to 5v5. Shortly after the final reopened main event, Braun Strowman returned and defeated all heels with one hand.

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Behind-the-scenes news about WrestleMania 37’s John Cena status Behind-the-scenes news about WrestleMania 37’s John Cena status

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