Being a queen prepared the storm for a new throne

As Storm settles on her new role as Araco’s regent, she relies on many lessons learned while working as Queen of Wakanda.

warning! SWORD # 9 spoilers first!

Longtime member of the X-Men, Ororo Munro stormWas recently appointed to the regent of Araco, a newly terraformed Mars that is now functioning as an interstellar medium shelter and the Houses of Parliament of the solar system. Storm continues to prove that Cracoa was the right choice to become Araco’s new voice of sol. Sword # 9She continues to be an avid politician within the newly formed galaxy of Sol Government, gracefully fighting vicious battles with dangerous Arakan mutants. However, This is not Storm’s first fight She was once the Queen of Wakanda by King T’Challa, so with the ups and downs of the kingship, she apparently brought her experience to her new role.

Storm’s geopolitical knowledge and living experience began as a baby when she was born to Queen Ndea from a Kenyan tribal princess, so it is appropriate for her to re-enter the royal role as Araco’s regent. is. Raised in Harlem and Egypt, Storm lived in the city of Cairo until his parents were killed in the conflict between Arab and Israel. She met a young T’Challa and became friendsBefore being taken to the talented Xavier school by Professor X.A few years later, T’Challa and Ororo rekindled their friendship, began romance, and finally got married while notorious. civil war event.Storm time married T’Challa-before divorce Avengers vs. X-Men- And as the Queen of Wakanda clearly prepared her for her current role in the complex political affairs of Sol, she ruled with him.

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Sword # 9, Written by Al Ewing (Immortal hulk) Jacopo Camagni (Marvel Voice: Pride # 1), As Empress Zandra of Shire arrives in Araco to establish the first Shire embassy, ​​she jumps into the ongoing political alliance that Araco’s new planet is forming with the Galactic Council.Storm is not available as she is still fighting The Circle Perilous Arakkan Mutant Candidate To prove that you are right “Universal seat” She has However Cruelly beaten Tarn the Uncaring. When Shire’s visitors are attacked by the new Lethal Legion, Storm arrives just in time to defeat Deathgrip, saving Cannonball, Warbird, and Empress Zandra from certain deaths.

The storm arrives at the great Shire.

Without Storm’s time as Queen of Wakanda, she would not have the experience needed to successfully cope with the stress of engaging in large-scale combat while saving all of her important geopolitical allies. maybe. Positive relationship with a large intergalactic empire. recently Giant-sized X-Men: Jean Gray and Emma Frost # 1, Jean and Emma came to Storm’s head after losing consciousness. They found that the landscape of her mind was dominated by the vision and memory of serving Wakanda as a queen. This shows that this time of her life still has a big impact on her. Storm has always been strong, confident and cool under pressure, but being part of the royal family gives her the specific experience she needs to be completely herself as Araco’s regent. I did.

While Storm was the Queen of Wakanda, she joined the Fantastic Four with her husband, continued as a member of the X-Men, and survived multiple crises while maintaining her position as a beloved leader.of Sword # 9 Is clear Ororo Munro is no more prepared than ever To play such a powerful and important role in the newly formed mutant intergalactic government. Black Panther, now King of the Wakanda Intergalactic Empire, once told his ex-wife: “You will always be a queen” When storm As she settles on one of the most important mutants in existence, and her new role as the regent of Araco’s new planet, she continues to prove her truth.

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Being a queen prepared the storm for a new throne

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