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Belgian coach Roberto Martinez said he hasn’t given up on playmakers’ hopes Eden Hazard Recover from injury in time as included in Belgium European championship team later this year.

The· real Madrid At the club’s recommendation, the player will not have further surgery on the injured right ankle. Sources told ESPN Thursday.. Those same sources said the medical staff on his national team opposed and agreed with the surgery.

“I think this situation can be resolved much faster than the Euro, but the final answer can only be seen when Eden goes every day. Belgium is not fighting Real Madrid, so Hazard is the best player in the European Championship. Will be … ” Martinez said at a video press conference, Belgium added that instead of surgery, it would follow the medical advice of “trying to treat injuries in a conservative way.”

Hazard played for a few minutes in a Spanish league match last weekend after going out for nearly two months.

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But Madrid said this week that the hazard was once again pushed aside by a muscle injury in his right leg.

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said Friday, “I want Eden to recover.” “The most important thing is that he’s completely well. He doesn’t have surgery. We have another plan and we’re working on it. I want as a coach and as a player. What is, and everyone here, is that he has returned in full recovery. “

Hazard believes that the high number of muscle injuries he suffered is directly related to his ankle problems.former Chelsea Star believes that the metal plate inserted into his right ankle during surgery in Dallas, Texas in March 2020 is not well adapted to his bones and muscles.

According to sources, Hazard believes that his recent retreat of injuries, right muscle problems, is due to his efforts to avoid undue pressure on his right ankle.

However, after consulting with a few experts, Real Madrid ruled out that Hazard would undergo surgery. Hazard remains conservative and there is no prediction of how long players will be on the sidelines.

“We are very pleased with the medical advice,” Martinez said prior to the World Cup qualifying match. “We are already working on rehabilitation.”

Since joining Madrid from Chelsea in 2019, the 30-year-old Hazard has missed more matches than he has played due to various foot injuries, including a broken right foot during his first season at a Spanish club Did.

Martinez said the Belgian Federation and Real Madrid need to work together to help the hazard recover as soon as possible.

“We are all very positive about what will happen in the coming weeks,” Martinez said. “Eden is fine. He knows he is at the best moment of his career. When our captain is on the pitch, he finds that he makes a difference. And now he I’m looking forward to a perfect fit. “

Martinez said it was gambling to set a hazard return date, but said in June he felt that “this situation could be resolved much faster than the euro.”

“He’s a player who has never been injured in his career and this is a real shock. This is something new,” Martinez said. “There is a lot of uncertainty about that, but when it comes to injuries, I feel very positive that we can see the best Eden Hazard long before the euro.

“He has a long way to go and shouldn’t set a time limit. That’s a mistake, and everyone will gamble if he tries to imagine if he’ll be perfectly healthy,” Martinez said. Said. Said.

BelgiumThe top of the FIFA rankings, will launch the World Cup qualifying campaign on Wednesday. Wales Before embarking Czech Republic And Belarus.

Includes multiness Romelu Lukaku With his team of 33 players but strikers are likely to miss a match against Wales after the outbreak of the coronavirus International..

“It’s important for Romelu’s safety and health right now,” Martinez said, leaving Lukaku open to playing in other games.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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“Belgium is not at war with Real Madrid,” says Roberto Martinez over Eden Hazard. “Belgium is not at war with Real Madrid,” says Roberto Martinez over Eden Hazard.

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