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Bellator 268: “Nemkov vs Anglickas” will air on TONIGHT (Saturday, October 16, 2021) from within the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The joint headline for the event is Ryan Bader’s match against Corey Anderson in another important £ 205 showdown. The two notable matches are also the final semi-finals of the Light Heavyweight Grand Prix, deciding who will advance to the finale. This will give the winner a whopping $ 1 million.

The Bellator 268 main card will air at 10 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) at showtime. We provide full card and comprehensive play-by-play results for the following Bellator 268 television broadcasts.

Many readers check in before, during, and after the battle to share their thoughts on all actions. Leave a comment (or 268) about the match and chat with all the other maniacs during the show-it’s always so much fun!

BELLATOR268 quick result:

£ 205: Champion Vadim Nemkov versus. Julius Anglicus-Nemkov by Submission of Round 4 (highlight)
205 lbs: Ryan Bader versus. Corey Anderson-Anderson Round 1 TKO (highlight).
£ 155: Benson Henderson vs. Brent Primus-Primus by unanimous decision
145 lbs: Henry Corrales versus. Vladyslav Parubchenko-Unanimously decided Corrals
205 lbs: Karl Albrektsson versus. Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov-Albrektsson by unanimous decision
£ 155: Nick Brown versus. Bobby Lee-Brown submits first round
£ 185: Javier Torres versus. Gregory Milliard-Torres by split decision
125 lbs: Sumiko Inaba versus. Randy Field-Inaba by the second submission
£ 155: Lance Gibson Junior vs. Raymond Pina-Gibson via Round 2 TKO
170 lbs: Muhammed Belkamov versus. Jaleel Willis-Berkhamov by submission of first round
135 lbs: Jaron Bates versus. Rafael Montini-Bates by submission of first round
205 lbs: Sullivan Corey versus. Deon Crash-Corey via TKO in the first round
115: pounds Maria Henderson versus. Colette Santiago-Henderson by submission of first round


Vadim Nemkov versus. Julius Anglicus

Round 1: They exchange strikes early and have eye poke. Stop acting so that Nemkov can recover. Nemkov’s lovely right hand lands on the flash. Anglickas tags Nemkov with the sold right hand that drops him! He recovered and Nemkov took part in the takedown and got it. Half guard Nemkov. Nemkov has landed some hard shots, but Angrikkas is not at risk so far. He recovers. Hard jab land for Nemkov. Jab from Nemkov to the body. Nemkov is cut on his left eye. A solid overhand from Nemkov. Nemkov’s big left hand landed and finished a strong round. 10-9 Anglickas

Round 2: Nemkov lands a solid jab and Anglicus returns the fire. Nemkov’s high kick land. High kick, then low kick from Nemkov. Anglickas clinches and Nemkov beats him. Nemkov became a half-guard again, punching and bleeding. It was an unintended head clash that ruined Nemkov. Nemkov is accumulating punishment and Anglicus has no answer at this time. Nemkov has completely suffocated the enemy, and the referee is watching closely for his actions. Shot one after another with 20 seconds remaining. Angrikkas survived as Mike Bertrand tried to set foot. 10-9 Nemkov

Round 3: Nemkov’s hard jab. Nemkov tries another takedown and he gets it. He is currently under side control. I’m half alert now. This is not a good position for Anglickas, who has not cut himself. Nemkov is looking for Kimura. I’m looking for an arm bar now. He has it Anglickas is in trouble. He runs away. Anglickas are now in side control and they are recovering. Nemkov regains Angricus, and he regains him. Nemkov is looking for an arm bar again. Nemkov’s big elbow. Nemkov locks the arm bar again. He is determined to sink it. But that won’t happen in this round. 10-9 Nemkov

Round 4: Nemkov wins another early takedown. Anglickas has no answer to wrestling. Nemkov has been busy, apparently looking for the end of the statement. However, Anglickas is still in a difficult situation. Nemkov is currently putting Anglicus in a tough position, eating undefended shots. Nemkov looking for Americana gives it up. Anglickas looks exhausted. Nemkov is looking for an armlock, but now he is Kimura. He has it Anglickas taps, but makes a brave effort against the world champion.

Final result: Nemkov def. Anglickas submitted in Round 4

Ryan Bader versus. Corey Anderson

Round 1: Bader moves quickly through the center of the cage. The big guy from Anderson and he drops the birder early. He swarms and begins to drop a large number of shots. One after another. And that’s over. The referee will intervene and finish the battle in less than a minute. Wow! !! !!

Final result: Anderson def.Worse with technical knockout in the first round

Benson Henderson vs. Brent Primus

Round 1: Both men quickly come out to the center of the cage. High kick from Henderson’s land. Primus catches the low kick and pushes it against the cage. Primus releases his left hand and lands on the way away. Henderson stuns Primus with a stiff jab for a moment. Primus begins unloading shots one after another while Henderson is heading for the cage. He was in trouble for a moment, but Henderson escaped the danger. They clinch and Primus makes a guillotine attempt. They go to the ground and Primus is looking for Kimura. Henderson is well defended, but the referee is watching carefully. Henderson has eliminated that danger, but Primus is now making a triangular attempt. He goes to Kimura again and Henderson runs away. He continues to attack and pushes Primus into the cage. Nice upward elbow from Henderson. Very close round. 10-9 primus

Round 2: Henderson begins the kick. Primus kicks his body and returns the fire. A nice one-to-two combination of “Smooth”. Henderson has another high kick. A solid right hand from the land of Primus. A great leg kick for Henderson lands on the flash. Clean the left from Henderson and Henderson goes to the body. Another Henderson high kick will land. Nice knees inside from Henderson. Primus shoots, but Henderson stuffs takedown attempts. They separate Towards the cage, Primus takes Henderson’s back. He is looking for a rear-naked choke. Henderson defends well. Primus is everywhere on Henderson’s back. Henderson is now in a completely standing position. It’s not happening much here. Henderson restrains the battle. 10-9 Henderson

Round 3: Henderson with another high kick. Henderson then drops Primus, and Primus quickly returns. Henderson tries to land his knees on his body, and Primus grabs it. Henderson has a guillotine, but Primus runs away. They return to their feet before clinching again, and Primus has a guillotine. Henderson runs away. Primus is a side control and is now a half guard. Primus is now looking for a rear-naked choke. While “Smooth” is trying to survive, he is working hard for it. 2 minutes left. Primus will not let go of his position and Henderson will have to do something big to escape in victory. Primus seems happy to finish the round in this position. Primus started the landing shot and Henderson seems okay to allow him. Again they are standing, but Primus is everywhere on Henderson’s back. Henderson tries to keep him off his back by slamming his body against the canvas and wasting it. 10-9 Primus.

Final result: Primusdef.Henderson by unanimous decision

Henry Corrales versus. Vladyslav Parubchenko

Round 1: Parubchenko records an early takedown. Corales moves upwards, but Parbuchenko holds his back and hits him again. Corales worked upwards again and became out of control of the enemy. Uppercut from Parubchenko. They exchange in the middle of the cage, there is no solid land for either person. Please take down what Corales has packed. High kick from Corales. The hard material left by Parbuchenko stuns Corales for a moment, and Parbuchenko pushes him back into the cage. Left hand from Corales. Uppercut Parbuchenko and Corales fight back with their big left hand. Parubchenko pushes him into the cage and lands a few shots to finish the round. 10-9 Parbuchenko

Round 2: Nice left hand from Parbuchenko. Corrals with a hard jab. They clinch for a moment. Double jab of Corrals. They clinch again. Corales has Parbuchenko’s back for a while, but he runs away. Parubchenko is really looking for that uppercut. With a Corrals low kick, Parbchenko catches it and pushes it against the fence again. A great one-on-two combo from Parubchenko, but Corrales fires quickly with a sneaky left hook. Parbuchenko has knees on her body, but Corales always fires right behind her and never stops for a moment. At the end of the round, the big left hook barely misses the Corrals. 10-9 Corrals

Round 3: Low kick from Corrals. A nice left from Parubchenko whiplashes Coralles’ head back. Parbuchenko looking for a takedown again. Suspension of action after Parubchenko pokes his eyes. Resume the action. Corales drops Parbuchenko with a big left hook and he attacks. He is now looking to do some damage on the ground and pounds. The crowd is professional. Parubchenko finds his way home. A solid right hand from Corales. Right hand from Parubchenko. Another one-two punch combo land for the Corrals, he really has his fist flying in a round and he owns it. Parubchenko is willing to exchange a single blow, but Corrales makes the exchange better. Another 1-2 for the land of Corrals. A huge left hand for the land of Corales. 10-9 Corrals

Final result: Corralesdef. Parubchenko by unanimous decision

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Bellator 268 Results: Livestreaming Live Streaming | “Nemkov vs Anglicus” Bellator 268 Results: Livestreaming Live Streaming | “Nemkov vs Anglicus”

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