Belletron EPIC, one of Bigetron’s all-women PUBG mobile squad dissolution

Following a series of lukewarm performances over the past year Bigetron’s second all-female PUBG Mobile lineup, Belletron EPIC, has announced its dissolution. The team announced this yesterday on their main Instagram account. The caption of the post is as follows: “Thanks to Belletron EPIC for all the achievements you have made. Always successful.”

This roster was formed on January 29th with the addition of Scelia, JT, Celo and Nikki... However, in the Little Groot Ladies Championship, I was in 12th place, so I couldn’t frill my wings. However, Their sister team, Belletron Ace, came first. They also participated in the PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship 2020 Ladies Tournament, finishing third.They played the tournament with sister team Belletron Ace.. However, both teams did not live up to expectations as the tournament was won by Prime Sneak. Nonetheless, Belletron EPIC’s Rusher, Potato, won the individual titles of Terminator and achieved 11 kills in five games. She was later transferred to Belletron Ace on August 6th.

In the present circumstances, Bigetron currently has all three PUBG Mobile male teams: Bigetron RA, Bigetron AROV, and Bigetron ION. They also have a one-man team of women who are Belletron Ace. Bigetron RA is on track as it has won the competition in all tournaments and has consistently produced results. Bigetron AROV has not yet entered the competition and continues to struggle from Tier 2 to Tier 1. BigetronION is steadily rising and finished first in the PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship 2020. Belletron Ace is one of the best women’s teams in the region and was recently ranked 4th in PUBG Mobile Pro League 2020-Season 2: SEA Ladies.

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About Bigetron and Belletron

Bigetron Esports is an Indonesian eSports organization founded on March 28, 2017. Bigetron has won over 150 national and world championships and is one of Southeast Asia’s leading organizations. Bigetron was a huge success as the champion of PUBG Mobile World League 2020, with PUBG Mobile team Bigetron RA winning multiple titles including PUBG Mobile Pro League-Fall Split 2020: Southeast Asia and PUBG Mobile Pro League-Fall Split 2020: Indonesia League. It was. -Season 0: East. Belletron Ace has several achievements, including the PUBG Mobile Pro League 2020-Season 2: Indonesian Ladies’ victory.

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