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If you have never used Twitter, Jake Paul His mere presence really has the ability to sneak into people’s skin, especially when he speaks trash. Ben AskrenHowever, he is the kind of person who can do it all at once.

Suitable example: between him Interview with Ariel Herwani from ESPN On Tuesday (I don’t want to admit I was watching everything), there was always a grumpy moment when Paul was asked on Instagram why he was only following the official Triller account and Askren’s wife Amy. did.

“She’s chic, her companion,” Paul said.

“What is she?” Helwani replied.

“She is chic and has two cs – chic,” Paul repeated. “She’s chic like a real chic. So I don’t know if she just thought she was bad. I don’t know. That may be after defeating Ben. I don’t know.”

It was one of the moments you felt very embarrassed for that person, and it seems like how Asklen took it. On Wednesday, he shared the perfect response by quoting and tweeting the clip. Check here:

This awkwardly laughs out loud !!! But yes @ Jake Paul I think my wife is also very attractive.

Raising a loved one is clearly Paul. He also recently summoned Conor McGregor’s fiancée Dee Devlin. Garbage talking video Along Insult her looks – Cheap and childish, but anything. This is what you can expect.

Such things should increase as Paul and Asklen approach April 17, when they fight in an eight-round boxing match. Please tighten your mind.

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Ben Askren laughs at Jake Paul talking about his wife Ben Askren laughs at Jake Paul talking about his wife

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