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Atlanta – Jake Paul To tell Ben Askren No trick can escape in their boxing match.

Shortly after Saturday’s Triller Fight Club headliner was announced earlier this year, Askren told MMA Junkie that there were no provisions to prevent the use of MMA tactics such as takedowns and slams. But in the days leading up to the contest, that clearly changed.

Paul said the deal for the eight-round match at Mercedes-Benz Stadium has been finalized and there are certain words that will impose a severe penalty on Askren.

“I don’t think the fight will last long enough to think he’ll beat me,” Paul told MMA Junkie Wednesday. “We just signed the match agreement a few days ago, and he would lose his wallet …. If he did that, his wallet would be removed in the match agreement. He If you want to lose all your money for the fight, surely go ahead. I’m hitting him with wrestling shoes. He’ll be hit with wrestling shoes, that’s what I’m hilarious about think.”

When it comes to fighting, many experts believe that Asklen’s best chance to win is to troll Paul and try to wear him down with a clinch fight and dirty boxing. Asklen predicted a TKO for the seventh round. This is in line with the idea that a longer fight would help him.

Paul said he knew the best way to win Asklen, but he didn’t intend to make it possible.

“I don’t think Ben can come near me,” Paul said. “My distance control is ten times better than him. And if so, he will bust up inside. One of the things we actually worked on at this camp was my internal fighting. It’s a game. He can get in, but he’ll crack. If he wants to hug me, he’ll just lose in points. “

For the fight on Saturday, Paul has been working on a personal issue.He issued a long statement Deny allegations of sexual assault Created by TikTok’s personality, Justin Paradise. Prior to that, his longtime security officer, Shadow, died of a heart attack.

Paul used the latter situation as an inspiration and said he wanted to realize the predictions presented the day before his friend died suddenly.

“Early knockout of shadows,” Paul said. “Shadow said it would be 2:28 in the first round. He said he had a bright dream and told me he died the day before.”

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Ben Askren loses purse for MMA tactics in boxing match Ben Askren loses purse for MMA tactics in boxing match

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