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The 2020 NFL season looked bright to the Cincinnati Bengals after choosing Joe Burrow for the LSU quarterback in his first overall pick. This was rarely the case with Bengali. For the second year in a row, Bengals owns the top five picks in the draft. They are in a great position to add more young talent to this 2021 Bengals 7 Round NFL Mock Draft.

Utilize PFN Mock Draft SimulatorLet’s see how Bengali meet their most important needs in 2021 NFL draft.. Can Bengali shock the draft community early? Can they solidify Joe Burrow’s line of attack? With their first choice, Cincinnati Bengals is now in time.

Bengals Presina Bowl 7 Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

  • Round 1, Pick 5: Rashawn Slater, OT, Northwestern
  • Round 2, Pick 38: Erics Talks, CB, Georgia
  • Round 3, Pick 69: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson
  • Round 4, Pick 101: Shaka Toney, EDGE, Pennsylvania State University
  • Round 5, Pick 132: South Carolina, WR, Sea Smith
  • Round 6, Pick 165: Camlin Bynum, CB, CA
  • Round 7, Pick 195: Carson Strong, QB, Nevada
  • Round 7, Pick 199: Jack Anderson, OG, Texas

Bengals 2021 NFL Mock Draft Pick-by-Pick Analysis

Rashawn Slater, OT, Northwestern

The Bengals attack line was terrible this season. This was clear from the nearly 50 bags allowed by the unit. Thirty-two of those bags came when Barrow was in the center. The team has invested high draft topics in aggressive linemen in the past. These include Pick Jona Williams in the first round of 2019 and Selection Billy Price in the first round of 2018. An upgrade is clearly needed, especially if Bobby Hart is doing the right thing.

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This choice may shock many, but at Northwestern University Rashawn Slater It is one of the largest risers in the draft pre-senior bowl. Bengals will take him on the fifth pick in this Bengals 7-round mock draft. Slater was chosen as one of the best runs to block the big ten and aggressive lineman. He has the versatility to play anywhere on the attack line.

Some may doubt his length in that position, but what he lacks is supplemented with great athletic ability and technique. This is a good start for Bengals as Williams could grow into his role on the left side (more on this later) and Slater is a plug and play upgrade on the right side.

Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia

In the AFC North area, the need for quality cornerbacks is becoming increasingly important. There are many wide receivers in the department that we are proud of. Odell Beckham, Jr., Juju Smith-Schuster, Chase Claypool, Marquise Brown, and Jarvis Landry are just a few of the names included. Finding the right size and speed cornerbacks to match these talented receivers is critical to Bengals’ growth in 2021.

The team is welcoming William Jackson III and Trayways (currently on the injured list) next season, and an upgrade may be imminent.

In this Bengals 7-round mock draft, the team may start a cornerback early in the second round with Georgia’s Erics Talks. Stokes has both size and speed for playing outside the league. He will be an excellent addition to the secondary. Stokes could be a versatile tool for talented AFC North receivers with the ability to demonstrate both press and bail techniques.

Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

The theme of this Bengals 7 Round Mock Draft is pretty clear — it protects quarterbacks. Even after winning the slater in the first round, there is still work to be done on the front lines of the attack. Jona Williams could still be a decent left tackle in the league, but some analysts have suggested that the 2019 first rounders need to move in to guard. He may be more effective in the interior. Bengals has the opportunity to add talent to the attack line with a third round pick and do it in a big way.

Jackson Carman of Clemson has protected the blind side of Trevor Lawrence for the past two seasons. Kerman is a bruised orchid blocker with punches and anchors for excellent pass protection. Adding Carman is a step in the right direction for this Bengals attack line, but can he be the starter of the first day for NFL-level competition? It hasn’t been seen yet.

Shaka Tony at Pennsylvania State University Edge

The Bengals sent veteran edge rusher Carlos Dunlap during the season. The team still has some decent works on Sam Hubbard and Carl Lawson. However, replacing a player like Dunlap is not an easy task. The fifth round of 2020 pick Khalid Kareem may still offer quality depth. However, Bengals will add more explosive depth pieces with this Bengals 7-round mock draft fourth pick.

Shakatney of Pennsylvania State University can help pick up slack from the exit of Dunlap. Tony has the explosiveness and sharp pass rush angle that he loves to see from the Edge Defender. His athletic ability would be great to be inherited in a spinning rush situation. However, you may benefit from adding weights to the frame. Expect Tony to be a fun addition to the Bengals defense front.

Seasmith, WR, South Carolina

The Bengals could lose the veteran wide receiver AJ Green this offseason, but with the advent of rookie receiver Tea Higgins, the team may be fine with that. Tyler Boyd is becoming a top option, and Oden Tate has sometimes shown that he can also be a credible threat. However, the green is likely to be gone, so the team may use another incoming threat against young attacks. They get one in this Bengals 2021 NFL Mock Draft.

With the fifth pick of this Bengals 7-round mock draft, they will win potential slots and steals in this class. Sea Smith, South Carolina, spent time under both Devo Samuels and Bryan Edwards and finally became a reliable receiver in 2020. With the talented South Carolina receiver that appeared in the last two drafts, Smith has a chance to be the next surprise.

Camlin Bynum, CB, California

Remember what we said about Bengal who needed to add a quality cornerback to this draft class? The sixth pick of this Bengals 7-round mock draft adds a sleeper cornerback to the secondary. After adding Georgia’s Erics Talks in the second round, the team will add an experienced college cornerback to their young defense in this Bengals 2021 NFL Mock Draft.

Camlin Bynum in California is a veteran veteran in college games and was previously a three-year starter in California. opt out Of the 2020 season. He doesn’t have the blazing speed to go hip-to-hip with a faster wide receiver. Bynum is playing with disciplined technology and shows good route recognition.

He’s a decent size for a cornerback, but stands at 6 feet 200 pounds. Bynum has a lot to offer in run games as well. He is good at setting edges and stays physical at the finish. He may be restricted to playing outside, but if they need to move to another corner inside, he can provide a look with a dime and nickel package.

Carson Strong, QB, Nevada

Well, listen to me. Carson Strong, Nevada is unlikely to be available in the second half of the 2021 NFL Draft. Strong can be one of the fastest risers in the draft process.

However, when doing this Bengals 7-round mock draft, Strong became available late, and Bengals couldn’t miss the opportunity to have a potential quality backup. While Joe Burrow is recovering, he can also act as a fill-in starter. If Strong declares a draft, he could absolutely steal in the second half of this Bengals 2021 NFL Mock Draft.

The Strong is a 6’4 inch, 215 lbs large strapped quarterback with a cannon for the arm. But his accuracy is one of his greatest strengths. He has completed almost 70% of his passes and has been very successful in deep throat. A sophomore in a red shirt was able to claim him as one of the best passers-by in the 2021 quarterback class. In the long run, Strong is one of the better backups in the league behind Barrow and can take some time to learn under Zack Taylor.

Jack Anderson, OG, Texas Tech

This Bengals 7-round mock draft concludes with another aggressive lineman, the third of this draft. Bengals was able to add Quinton Spain as a mid-season free agent from Buffalo and maintain him for a long time. However, you need to add more depth along the attack line.

With the final choice of this mock, Bengals adds Texas Techguard Jack Anderson to the attack line. Anderson has extensive experience as a college starter and played primarily Lightguard at Texas Tech. He has experience in both zone and power schemes. However, he does not offer a great deal of position diversity along the offensive front. Anderson may take some time to normalize in the NFL game before becoming a trusted contributor to Bengals.

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Bengals Presina Bowl 7 Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft Bengals Presina Bowl 7 Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

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