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Huntington Beach, CA – Benil Darish Not amortized Tony FergusonDespite the two tough losses of the former UFC interim lightweight champion.

Darish (20-4-1 MMA, 14-4-1 UFC) and Ferguson (25-5 MMA, 15-3 UFC) will meet in a major lightweight clash on May 15. UFC 262.. The event will take place at the Toyota Center in Houston and will show the pay-per-view main card following the expected qualifying on ESPN and ESPN +.

It’s a huge match for both £ 155 candidates. Darish has won six straight games and is looking to further enhance his name for the chance of a championship. Ferguson is trying to show that he is still a competitor after suffering a one-sided defeat by Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje.

Ferguson’s recent defeat questioned whether his career was on a downtrend at the age of 37, after years of winning 13 consecutive races in his division record. The UFC 262 acts as another barometer of where “El Cuy” stands, but said Darish needs to keep his expectations high in terms of preparation and thinking for the fight.

“I’m trying to see the best Tony I’ve ever seen,” Darish said. “Tony who fought Rafael (Anjos) looked very good. Tony who fought Kevin Lee looked very good. You fought Donald Cerrone. I saw those fights and Try to see the best Tony. I don’t try to see the fight he lost because you can’t get the best version, and I when he comes out with his best version I think, I’m trying to see the best version, because it’s a dying or dying situation for him. “

Given Ferguson’s position in his career, Darish admits he was a little surprised that the match was fruitful.Less than His victory over Diego Ferreira At UFC Fight Night 184 in February, Darish sought a famous fight for £ 155.

He was pleased that his wish had come true and praised Ferguson for the challenge.

“Yes (I was surprised he took part in the fight), but then I remembered: Tony is Tony,” Darish said. “Tony is the type of man. Tony is a man. I have a lot of respect for him. I have a lot of respect for him because many didn’t say” yes “.

“I called Charles (Oliveira), (Michael) Chandler or Ferguson because Charles (previously) matched. I signed the contract and said Chandler because he’s new, but He’s got all this hype, and I really don’t know why. So I said I’d go with Chandler or Ferguson. I’m Ferguson fighting anyone he wants Look at his record. To me, this guy is a champion. He can fight anyone, but I’d be grateful if he chose me. He ended up with it. I’m very happy about it because I did it. “

For Darish, there’s no better time to fight Ferguson.Recently Habib Nurmagomedov Abandon UFC lightweight title, And the new champion will be crowned with Oliveira vs. Chandler on the vacant belt With UFC262.

Darish said he had no delusions about the situation. Even if he spectacularly defeats Ferguson, Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 3 winners, and even Gage, could be in line to challenge the belt.

Fighting on the same night that the belt is decided does not hurt Darish at all, but although the landscape unfolds, he just wants to be in a good position to jump on the next opportunity.

“I’m right there,” Darish said. “That’s one of my favorites. They were competing for the title, and then they said,” Oh, well. Darish and Ferguson just fought. I like that part of it. But my The department is different from all other departments. I think it’s one of the most popular, if not the most stacked, at the moment.

“Ranking doesn’t necessarily mean what they should do. Sometimes the numbers – the butt you can put in your seat makes more sense. I think that’s one of the factors. They’re Dustin. If you could get Connor, or Justin in the title, they would get a shot in front of me, but if not, I would fight. “

Check out the video below to see a full interview with Darish.

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Benil Darish says Tony Ferguson is in a “die or die” situation Benil Darish says Tony Ferguson is in a “die or die” situation

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