Bequests are now available from WizKids

Dr. Sism is dead. He left behind a vast laboratory, resources, and wealth that would be a big drag on the up-and-coming Supervillain. But who does it go to?That’s what you have to understand BequestNow available from WizKids.

From the website:

I, Dr. Sism, have an ominous heart and a good body, and leave my bequest to my subordinates. A gift of trivial conflict!

Bequest Is a super genius combination of drafting, set collection, and I Cut-You Choose mechanics, where players can use every ounce of wisdom to defeat their enemies and Dr. You need to get the largest share of Schism’s property!

In each round, every player gets five cards that need to be split with their neighbors. It represents some of Dr. Schism’s assets. It can be a treasure, a gadget, an act on a hideout, or even evidence of his wrongdoing! You will decide how to split the 5 cards, but your neighbor will choose who gets which pile, so split them wisely! Do you want to seduce them with the gadgets they are collecting and bring them some horrifying evidence with it? Would you like to offer 4 out of 5 cards and leave one item you really need?

When you wait for them to decide, you have your own choice to make among the piles of cards split by your other neighbors. It seems clear which mountain they want you to choose — should you choose the other? Or maybe that’s what the sneaky villains have always wanted!

Each asset type has its own way of earning points, which adds new wrinkles as you collect them. There is also a key. The key does not provide anything by itself, but can draft one of Dr. Schism’s powerful special assets. These include his lucky connection that can help you with a powerful one-off effect, or a blueprint for his ingenious scheme that gives you a new way of scoring! However, be careful. If you’re only paying attention to your neighbors, one of the villains across the table could beat you to the special assets you need.

Bequest Featuring Fiona Yap’s stunning illustrations, Dr. Sism’s fortunes and assets, and a colorful cast of villains competing for his heir status. Will you be the next great supervillain?


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