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For the first time this season Taysom Hill Had made Start with quarterback for New Orleans Saints.. It didn’t always work, It didn’t work in particular Also.Black and gold Fallen to Cowboys 27-17 The year after the start of 5-2, it fell to 5-7.

Hill finished the game with 264 passyards, two touchdowns, and four intercepts (yeah …), dashing 101 yards from 11 carries. It was a really good case, and then a pile of bad cases.

Check out the best and worst from Hill in this game.

Best from Taysom Hill

There was a time during the game when Hill was running the ball in every play. This was when the saint’s attack was at his best, and there was a point in this possession when Hill took things in his hands and leaned against a man who literally grew up.

Saints needed two yards to play, and Hill made extra effort to jump over another man to get four yards. This is a great play to show how Athletic Hill is and what he can bring to the table. As Maddy Hudak said, Hill made this easy.

The best from Hill was fun to see, but the worst from him wasn’t. Let’s get started with it.

Worst from Taysom Hill

Normally I choose one particular play from the quarterback, but Hill had three really bad plays. He threw four passcuts, but the first passcut he threw on a key drive in the first half was the result of not catching the ball that Kenny Stills was supposed to have. Even Sean Payton blamed Stills, but he didn’t say it directly.

However, all three other interceptions took place in Hill. He was working hard to do something in the fourth quarter. When you force football, bad things tend to happen. He also did this with three straight possessions because of what it is worth.

Hill’s second pick (the first pick in the fourth quarter) took place shortly after Marshon Lattimore picked Dak Prescott. Saints was down 20-10 at that point, and the field goal alone would have been the leader for New Orleans to win.

The third passcut was after NOLA’s defense forced the Cowboys to punt and Hill wasted the opportunity to make it a closer game again.

But if you have to pick the worst and the worst, it’s the fourth and last pick. This was a pick 6 and raised the cowboys to 27-10. Saints quickly recorded a touchdown to reach 27-17, but the pick 6 frozen the game.

Hill is a fun player to watch, but he’s not the person New Orleans Saints should hook up as a franchise quarterback. These four picks are just that proof.

That said, Taysom Hill did something we hadn’t seen a bit — he enjoyed seeing the attacks of the saints. The fourth quarter wasn’t very interesting, but in the first three quarters, despite scoring only 10 points, the attack moved the ball and actually excited the fans.

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Best and worst from Taysom Hill to Cowboys in Week 13 Best and worst from Taysom Hill to Cowboys in Week 13

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