Best Back4 BloodJim build

Want to know the best build of Jim on Back 4 Blood? Jim quickly aims and fires thanks to the increased speed of the ADS, but damage is his true strength. Jim gets 2.5% stacking damage for every precision kill. This will remain until it hits. This means that avoiding damage can increase Jim’s damage to ridiculous levels. Oh, and he boosts the team’s weakness damage by 10%, so it’s not surprising that Jim deserves your team’s spot. Back 4 Blood..

This guide describes everything you need to know to create the best gym build in Back 4 Blood.

The best gym build on Back 4 Blood

Jim starts with Magnum. Magnum is extremely powerful and worth using more than most other pistols. However, if you find a Desert Eagle, it’s a good idea to get one.Desert Eagle The best weapon With Back 4 Blood, it will help you get rid of accurate killings quickly. Combine it with an assault rifle to do a light job, even for the most brutal enemies.

Use the following cards in Jim Build.

  • Broadside
  • Hyper focus
  • Reckless strategy
  • Riding slayer
  • sadistic
  • shredder
  • Silver bullet
  • Steady goal
  • Pep at your step
  • Avoidance behavior
  • Ammo scavenger
  • Ammo stash
  • Wide mouse mugwell
  • Reload drill
  • Hanker down

Broadside has a 20% chance of exploding Liden’s corpse and damaging nearby enemies, so start this build with a bang. With this card, some well-placed shots can wipe out hordes by turning zombie enemies into particularly cruel grenades.

Jim has already dealt an additional 10% weakness damage to the entire team, but can do better than that.Like us Walker buildUse, Hyper-Focused, Reckless Strategy, and Ridden Slayer to further increase weakness damage by 100%.when Special ride It’s easy to defeat, as Ogre and Tallboy appear. Sadistic further increases weakness damage, giving a 5% bonus for every precision kill in the last 10 seconds. Of course, we also handle a lot of regular Ridden, so you’ll want to increase your normal damage. Use shredder and silver bullet cards to count all shots against the undead by increasing bullet damage with all guns.Shredder Back 4 Blood’s best card, So consider giving it a spot in every deck you make.

Jim is all about doing damage. That is, you need to be able to quickly snap to the enemy when firing. Stable aiming increases aiming speed by 80%, so you don’t have to wait to start shooting. Whether the Ogre rises from the ground or a horde of Ridden runs from a nearby building, you can quickly turn, aim, and fire. Unfortunately, this slows down your movements while aiming, so take pep and evasive action on your steps to get some coveted speed boosts.

With this gym build, you can use up your ammo fairly quickly. No one likes to run out without spare ammo in the middle of a greedy horde, so use ammo scavengers and ammo stashes to solve ammo troubles. Ammo Scavenger can be used to increase ammo for major weapons. This is also useful in the event of a shortage of teammates, giving Jim the following support roles: Doc When Mom.. Ammo stash provides unlimited ammo to the secondary, but this slows the reload speed of the secondary weapon, so we’ve placed a wide mouth mugwell and reload drill on the deck for balance.

Both Reckless Strategy and Widemouth Magwell significantly improve this Jim build, but reduce Jim’s damage resistance by a total of 10%. Hunker Down fixes this issue and restores damage resistance to normal levels when crouching. It also adds 40% accuracy. This is a great way to overcome these weaknesses.

This is all you need to know to create the best gym build in Back 4 Blood.If you can’t survive long enough to take advantage of these cards, take a look at ours Tips and tricks Ask for help. If you still need to unlock the gym, Back 4 Blood’s best character, Find out How to unlock all cleaners.. If you need to unlock some additional cards, Supply line A guide to learning how to get more supply points.

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