Best Black Friday 2020 Deals in Gaming Chairs

During 2020, we sat in our chairs and spent more time than usual. Many of us have no choice but to work from home or go to school from the bedroom. This is a great opportunity to invest in furniture that sits all day long, especially for Black Friday discounts.

Good chairs are often not cheap. However, it may be easier to justify the cost if you consider it to be one of the most used furniture. Even better: Gaming chairs have a lot of Black Friday deals for 2020, making large purchases cheaper.

We previously shared the best gaming chairs and top picks for home office chairs, but we’re adjusting that list to offer the best deals on gaming chairs. Check out some of the discount favorites below.

Secret Lab Omega

Photo: Secretlab

If you want a seat that looks like that classic gaming chair, check out Secret Lab’s Black Friday sale. You can get some of their chairs at a discount of up to $ 100. A variety of styles are available, from discreet to classy.

When making a purchase, be sure to use a seat guide to ensure that you have a chair that fits your height and weight.

Secret Lab Omega

The Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair is highly customizable and has several upholstery and color options. There is also a special edition with the esports logo Game of Thrones House seal.

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Photo: Secretlab

Killa Bee Gaming Chair

Killabee gaming chair in front of desk and keyboard

Photo: Kiraby

If you like the aesthetics of a gaming chair and want extravagant features, check out the Killabee Massage Gaming Chair for $ 150 off on Amazon.

For $ 179, you can get a necklace, footrest, and electric lumbar massager. It’s a bit bulkier than most of our picks, but it has a lot of comfort due to its low cost.

Undersheet Dark Knight

Underseat Dark Knight Gaming Chair is vacant in the middle of the street

Photo: Undersheet

If you want to split the difference between the comfort of a gaming chair and the simple look of a typical office chair, consider the Underseat Dark Knight Chair.

Now you can get it for $ 406.74. This is $ 119.68 off the regular price. Unlike most chairs, The Dark Knight supports a lot of the upper back.

Herman Miller

A black Embody gaming chair with a bright blue support on the back.

Embodying a gaming chair
Image: Herman Miller, Logitech

Herman Miller chairs are highly regarded in the office chair space and recently partnered with Logitech to release the Embody Gaming Chair, which unfortunately isn’t for sale on Black Friday this week. However, this is the case with some of the gaming chair editions of other chairs. We also recommend Highback Cosm (this year is a great chair with good Black Friday deals).

Herman Miller Highback Cosm Chair

Herman Miller Highback Cosm Chair in front of a window with plants on the base

Photo: Herman Miller

Sure, that’s fine, yes, everything is clear later, but it still took too long to admit that the chair in front of my (standing) desk was the most important piece of furniture in my house. I feel like.

Instead, this is what I thought: I should buy the cheap one. So this is not the sofa here. This is not for my family room. I haven’t bought a bed. Rockefeller, that’s so easy.

And thus, years of artificial leather that was unevenly worn on cheap office chairs with elbow bruise, back tweaks, and misalignment began. If my goal was to waste money and annoy myself for a decade or so, I was successful.

Then one day I thought this, and I couldn’t then speak myself: my office chair is literally where I spend most of the day. Why on earth don’t I treat it as so important?

It still took me a few years to tell myself what I wanted to do faster.

The point is that I am writing this from the comfort and support of Herman Miller’s high back cosme chair chair. And this is why I like it:

  1. It’s comfortable and ergonomic, but you don’t throw your body in the trash every day.
  2. It’s cool (called glacier color), so it makes you smile.
  3. It’s simple. In other words, only one adjustment, height, is needed. This is important because we fully understand that with a dozen knobs, dials, and levers, you’ll be tinkering forever.

Yes, it’s a lot of money. No, I didn’t pay the full amount. Yes, I saved it. Yes, it took me a long time to talk. No, I haven’t regretted it for a while. Hell Yes, I wish I could do it sooner. — Dave Tach

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