Best Black Friday SSD, Hard Drive, and MicroSDXC Memory Card Deals

Black Friday is the perfect time to buy storage, whether it’s a laptop, gaming PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch console, smartphone, camera, or anything else that benefits from extra space. Black Friday trading began a little earlier this year, with huge sales on SSDs such as Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg, hard drives and MicroSDXC cards. We will definitely see more deals going on this week and make sure we add them.

Black Friday MicroSDXC Memory Card Deals

MicroSDXC is the most widespread storage format for portable electronic devices. This includes Nintendo Switch, smartphones and tablets that allow expandable storage, and cameras such as GoPro and dash cameras. For Black Friday, you’ll find fairly cheap prices on the 128GB and 256GB models.

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Black Friday External Hard Drives and SSD Deals

These hard drives do not require any kind of installation on your part other than plugging in the required cables. It is also more versatile than the internal hard drive. Use these for your PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X game console or PC.

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Black Friday Internal SSD Deals

If you haven’t upgraded to solid state drive yet, you’re missing out on a lot of time. One of the biggest upgrades to the PS5 and Xbox Series X predecessors is the almost non-existent load time. This is possible thanks to the upgrade from traditional hard drives to SSD storage. You can do exactly the same for your PC and you will see the same kind of difference.

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Black Friday Internal Hard Drive Deals

There aren’t many of these deals at this time, so check back later.

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