Best Black Friday TV Deals You Can Get Now (4K, OLED, HDR, HDMI 2.1)

This year is a good year to upgrade your TV to 4K and there is no better time to make a better deal than Black Friday. 4K is no longer a “future” technology. It’s here now. The prices of 4K TVs these days are less than 1080p TVs, so there’s really no reason to choose another. There is also a lot of 4K content available in the form of streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Video and 4K Blu-ray discs. The new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can play 4K games at up to 60 fps (or 120 fps in some cases). This year’s Black Friday is different from the previous year. Trading is diversified throughout November rather than concentrated in one day. Some of the Black Friday TV shows that are being promoted have already been released, and you can buy them now to avoid the shipping backlog that occurs after Thanksgiving. Below is a summary of the best TV deals from the largest and most trusted vendors.

Best Buy Black Friday TV Deals

Far away, Best Buy has the most legitimate Black Friday deals currently available. Best Buy also has some TVs dedicated to its site. The best thing about buying a TV from Best Buy online is that, in the worst case, you can return your TV to any retail location. If you’re considering buying an OLED TV, their Geek Squad protection plan (at an additional cost) offers OLED burn-in protection.

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Amazon Black Friday TV Deals

Some Black Friday TV shows are also available on Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime Card (free and no annual fee), you can win the best deals on the super popular 65-inch LG CX Series OLED TV. However, inventories continue to grow. Please check again if necessary.

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Target Black Friday TV Shows

Target has some great deals on budget 4K TVs, but the only problem is that they are struggling to meet demand. Your best bet is to pick it up locally in the store.

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Walmart Black Friday TV Deals

Wal-Mart’s Black Friday deal has not yet been published. Check back later.

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