Best Budget Gaming Chairs of 2020: Cheap Gaming Chairs for Everyone

Gaming chairs may look like trivial spending, and they are especially hard to justify when the price tag is over $ 500. However, these race seat-inspired thrones provide the kind of full-back support that gamers need to sit in place for extended periods of time. The good news is that there are some affordable gaming chairs that won’t give up on the dream of buying a PS5 and Xbox Series X console this year. The best-budget gaming chair costs just $ 200, or even less than $ 100. This is a very rare case. You may be afraid that it will be so cheap and you will end up with a chair that will break after just a few hours, but you can only find the following quality options: All the chairs we recommend are soft to the touch and provide ample cushioning that is firm enough to prevent sinking. The best-budget gaming chair also offers excellent ergonomics with adjustable headrests and lumbar support, as well as a tilt that allows you to recline until you can lie almost flat. So check these out when you’re ready to relax in your gaming chair.

TL; DR-These are the best budget gaming chairs:

1. GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair

Best budget gaming chair

GT Racing Pro Series Gaming Chair

on Newegg

You’ve probably seen how wild chairs get with their incredible lace style and extensive ergonomic features, and you’ve probably seen their wild price tags. .. Now, the GTRacing Pro Series GT099 Gaming Chair (read the review) takes many considerations and design clues for these premium chairs, but the price of the stickers is much lower. For about $ 150 (less than that with a discount code), you can pick up this chair and start the game in style.

It looks like a true racing chair with a high back, and it rolls on caster wheels for easy movement. When you want to relax, you can recline 170 degrees or stand upright and focus on the game. Adjustable armrests can be up and down and twisted to fit your desk for an ergonomic fit. Also, the GTRacing Pro series GT099 lacks back cushioning a bit, but the lumbar spine and neck pillows help when you want to sit down. If you think you need more cushions, or spend a lot of days at your desk, check out the larger, taller gaming chairs instead. It tends to include more cushions to support heavy users.

2. OFM Essentials Racing Chair

The best super cheap gaming chair

Commerce artwork

OFM Essential Racing Chair

on Amazon

If you don’t like the GT Racing chair, don’t worry. This OFM chair is another great option and affordable. The seat itself is covered in black leather with elegant color accents made of mesh fabric. This helps keep the chair cool, and the mesh allows the chair to breathe a bit during long game sessions.

We’re also grateful for the flip-up armrests that mysteriously lack in some chairs in this price range, so you can get out of the way if you need to scooter near your desk. .. It’s available in four popular colors to match (or contrast with) your game setup, and is shown here in Nvidia Green (or Lime?).

3. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best budget racing style gaming chair

Commerce artwork

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

on Amazon

You don’t really have to spend a fortune to get a chair that looks like a bucket seat torn from a race car. The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair looks like part of a high-end gaming chair, but costs only $ 99. Inexpensive, this chair is built on a sturdy frame designed to be comfortable and withstand long gaming sessions.

You can also take advantage of most of the usual customizable ergonomics with the movable lumbar spine and neck pillow. The only thing this chair lacks is the lack of armrest pads and adjustments. We will consider how low the cost of this chair is, ignoring some of the drawbacks of this Devoko ergonomic gaming chair.

4. AKRacing Core Series EX

Best Budget Fabric Gaming Chair

Commerce artwork

AK Racing Core Series EX

on Newegg

Leather gaming chairs are pretty popular, but if you’re looking for something a little softer, there’s nothing better than a cloth gaming chair like the AKRacing Core Series EX. Combining high-quality, breathable upholstery with cold-curing foam pads, this chair is as comfortable as a sofa.

This EX model also features a very wide seat and backrest, making it ideal for large and tall gamers and those who generally want to lean out during the game. There is also a comfortable headrest with an included neck pillow and adjustable lumbar pillow, which requires ergonomic support.

5.Respawn-200 Gaming Chair

Best Budget Mesh Gaming Chair

Commerce artwork

Respawn-200 Gaming Chair

on Amazon

If your mesh gaming chair sounds attractive, but you’re looking for something that adds to the aesthetics of its racing, the Respawn 200 is a natural choice. Despite being a bit expensive at $ 138, this gaming chair is easier to adjust with lumbar support integrated with the neck pillow.

Almost the entire back of the Respawn 200 is made of mesh, with a leather bucket seat underneath for both solid support and breathable comfort.

6. X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair Locker

Cheap chairs perfect for video games

Commerce artwork

X Locker 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair Locker

on Amazon

Not all gaming chairs are for PC gamers. If you want to play games on your favorite console in front of your TV (or use your lapboard for PC games in the living room), the Ace Bayou XRocker Pedestal Chair is the perfect option. This connected chair features Bluetooth 2.1 and audio is delivered via a subwoofer integrated with two speakers.

If you don’t want the lumps to rattle, you can connect the headset (or charge the controller) from the side port. Note: If you are using a PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro on this chair, we recommend that you get an adapter from Optical to RCA. Also, this model is a bit above the $ 100 price range threshold, but still significantly cheaper than similar models, and below $ 200, the amount you pay for the throne of such a loaded game Not so many.

7. Big Joe Rome Chair

Best cheap bean bag chair

Commerce artwork

Big Joe Rome Chair

on Amazon

The Big Joe Roma is a slightly grown bean bag chair to provide better comfort and support. You can lean forward and relax while playing games in this heavily packed seat.

When the width exceeds 2 feet, the Roma can sit most comfortably. At such a low price, you can grab those sets to surround your living room game settings. With more than half a dozen color options, you can even choose the seat that suits your style.

8. Homall Highback Racing Chair

Big and tall gaming chair on the best budget

Commerce artwork

Homall Highback Racing Chair

on Newegg

The Homall High-Back Racing Chair is not only a great deal at that price, but also a champion for large and tall users. With a maximum load of 300 lbs, it can be used by heavy gamers.

The seat is on the narrow side of 14.5 inches, but the high backrest makes it perfect for tall gamers. Adjustable armrests and movable pillows on the neck and hips all help you find a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a big and tall gaming chair on a budget, this is one.

9. Respawn the RSP-800

Best Budget Rocking Gaming Chair

Commerce artwork


on Amazon

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of rolling, deep reclining and pillowed gaming chairs, the Respawn RSP-800 offers a solid and simple alternative. This rocker has a fixed base for rooting in one place, but with a full 360 degree rotation. This is great for games in front of the TV rather than at the desk.

Of course, locking is the name of the game, and the Respawn RSP-800 has a 28 degree range of motion, so you can lock it. You can also adjust the tilt tension to adjust the locking to your liking. There are also many comfortable features. The chair has armrests when you need it, and you can flip it out of the way when you don’t need it. The built-in lumbar support keeps your back comfortable and you can really sink by putting extra pads around your neck and head.

Where to get the best budget gaming chair in the UK

Unfortunately, the vast number of gaming chairs on this list are currently out of stock or are not currently fully available in the UK. This is subject to change in the future and we will update this page accordingly. Currently, the only chair on this list available for purchase in the UK is the AKRacingCoreSeries EX⁠ found on Amazon. However, check out the summary of gaming chair deals. Here you can find an extensive list of affordable gaming chairs that you can actually buy right now.

What to look for in a budget gaming chair

It’s hard to buy affordable furniture, but believe that all the chairs above aren’t lemons. However, if you find yourself an affordable gaming chair, you need to keep the following in mind:

Starting with the base, you need a strong foundation for your gaming chair. At this price point, most, if not all, gaming chair bases are made of plastic, but it’s okay to double-check the thickness of the material to make sure it’s sturdy.

The next thing I want to see is padding. Again, thickness takes precedence. Nothing is worse than sitting on a thin cushion and it will hurt you in the long run. Upholstery is another thing you want to check for quality. If it looks like a cheap synthetic leather chair on first inspection, it may crack and begin to peel off after just a few months (or weeks) of use.

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