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TL; DR: NS Premium Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Certified Bundle It’s priced at £ 29.32 as of September 24th, saving 98% of the list price.

Although both look and function are spreadsheet tools, Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets actually provide more than just a few boxes for listing numbers. Both serve as powerful business tools for organizing your data, as well as analyzing and visualizing statistics. In addition, knowing all the right tips and tricks will help you work more efficiently.

this Premium Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Bundle Here’s a rope on how these important spreadsheet tools work. Beyond the basics, 11 courses and nearly 300 unique lessons taught by Brian Hong take you to the heart of it. Lawrence Svekis, Grant Criminal Minds, And other professionals. Hong is an IT software developer, author of 101 Excel series paperback books, and a self-proclaimed data analysis ninja. Both Svekis and Klimaytys are app developers with a background in Google’s development and engineering. Together, this instructor lineup ensures that you have all the features, formulas, and secrets you need to get the most out of these programs.

Excel and spreadsheets are virtually compatible because of their similar structure and functionality. The difference is that spreadsheets are a free online app, while Excel is a program that resides on your computer. Both have their advantages. It all depends on what you need to use them for. Therefore, it is advantageous to learn the details of both.

In these courses you will learn not only the best way to format cells and reorder data, but also all the keyboard shortcuts and formulas you need to save time and energy. Learn how to automate repetitive tasks, visualize important data, and dive into more complex topics such as Power Query, Power View, Power Pivot, M-code, and SQL. And to really understand the power of these incredible spreadsheet tools, Svekis will show you how to create a quiz application from scratch that uses Google Sheets as your data source.

for For a limited timeLifelong access to 11 courses in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. The price is only £ 29.32.

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Best Course Deal for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets: 98% Off (UK Deal) Best Course Deal for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets: 98% Off (UK Deal)

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