Best CPU Cooler 2020: Air and Liquid Cooler for PC

The processor may be at the heart of your computer, but to get the most out of your gaming PC, you need to keep it cool. When the processor is up and running, it can start to get very hot. When the temperature reaches high enough, the performance level is dialed back to cool. A good CPU cooler can run at the fastest speed possible to ensure that the processor keeps cooling longer. That is, a program or game that can benefit from the processor rising to clock speed for maximum performance. With a sufficiently robust cooling solution, you can also keep running these fast and indefinitely, or push the processor beyond the factory settings. Some can keep the processor cool without producing a lot of noise.

Choose from a variety of coolers, from competent air coolers to liquid coolers, and offer options that work with different types of PC builds.

TL; DR-These are the best CPU coolers:

1. Noctua NH-D15

Best CPU cooler

OK, so paying $ 90 for an air cooler may sound like a lot-you can get a budget processor for that price-but the Noctua NH-D15 gets that maintenance I will do a lot for you. For one thing, it can be used with a variety of old and new processors, so you can add value by maintaining it across multiple PC upgrades. Second, it’s incredibly powerful, so you can relax about encountering thermal throttles in the processor.

What is the secret of the power of Noctua NH-D15? Well, it’s not that secret. It’s clear that this cooler has two giant aluminum radiator fins and six heat pipes to draw heat from the CPU. While those aluminum fins work a bit passively, Noctua hit two of the 140mm fans (and they are some of the best fans in the business). The fan’s push-pull setting keeps enough air flowing through the cooler, limiting noise, and more than 82 cubic feet per minute. You can also use a low-noise adapter to run the fan if you don’t need all the cooling capacity.

2. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition

Best cheap CPU cooler

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Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition

on Amazon

There is good reason for the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Cooler to have such incredible sustainability. Its design is simple, its performance is solid, and its price is low. This also applies to Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition. This updates the classic cooler with an all-black design. This cooler is ready to kit AMD and Intel builds as well, supporting the latest Intel sockets and long-standing AM4 sockets for AMD processors.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition is ideal for more midrange PC builds. It has four heat pipes to draw heat from the processor and send it to a single stack of nickel-plated aluminum fins. The kit includes a 120mm Silencio FP120 fan that can operate quietly while pushing a large amount of air through the fin array. It’s really incredible value and you can get enough mileage, especially if you’re not used to overclocking high power processors yet.

3. Corsair Hydro Series H100i Pro

Best liquid CPU cooler

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Corsair Hydro Series H100i Pro

on Amazon

Corsair is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to liquid CPU coolers. The Corsair Hydro Series H100i Pro is the company’s latest and greatest liquid cooler that offers massive cooling and RGB lighting at the same time.

It’s also very easy to install and costs only $ 125, which is relatively reasonable. This 240mm liquid cooler fits almost any setup, from full tower PC cases to the smallest Mini ITX cases.

4. Corsair Hydro Series H75

Best compact liquid CPU cooler

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Corsair Hydro Series H75

on Amazon

Interested in water cooling, but not ready to spend a lot of money or ready to deal with priming and filling? An all-in-one liquid cooler like the Corsair H75 is a great choice for making the leap to liquid cooling with minimal effort. The liquid cooler reduces the weight of the CPU and motherboard and uses the air from the outside of the case to cool it instead of recycling the air from the case.

As a result, the CPU gets colder and less noisy. If the space around the CPU is very small, using an air cooler will not reduce the footprint. However, while it’s rarely cooler than using the Cooler Master Hyper 212 or H7, it usually produces a bit less noise under load.

5. Noctua NH-L9i

The best thin cooler

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While many tower cases have ample space for a powerful cooler, many mATX and ITX cases have limited packing capacity. In such cases, you need to carefully consider what kind of CPU cooler you can install. Noctua’s NH-L9i cooler is a very discreet option that allows you to build a dreamy, sophisticated and compact form factor PC.

The Noctua NH-L9i may not offer as serious cooling as the other competitors on this list, but it’s given more or less compact PCs. That said, it still offers quite a few radiator and high quality Noctua fan packs. This combination is sufficient to cool a variety of Intel chips, with the exception of many Intel unlocked models and Extreme Editions. AMD chips can also be supported on AM4 sockets using a separate mounting adapter. Also, if compactness is only part of the puzzle, the included adapter can run the fan in low noise mode, reducing the fan speed to 1,800 RPM and maximizing fan noise to just 14.8 dBA. I can do it.

6. Cryorig H7

Best Hyper 212 alternative

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Why would you suggest a cooler that is $ 10 higher than the 212EVO when you’ve already said that the 212EVO is sufficient? The main reason is that the H7 offers a bit more clearance, which makes it easier to replace the RAM sticks and occupies less space, which makes the build look better. In addition, due to its small size, there are actually no drawbacks. The H7 is slightly quieter and works cooler (if not cooler) than the 212 EVO.

The H7 is compatible with both AMD and Intel sockets, but you may need a bracket for AM4. There’s been a lot of debate about whether the H7 is an “EVO killer,” and to be honest, many people are tired of the 212 EVO being there forever. So if you’re willing to spend an additional $ 10 and space is limited, the H7 is for you.

7. Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

The best silent cooler

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keep quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

on Amazon

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, as the name implies, is one of the quietest CPU coolers you can buy for money. It can blow off up to 250w of heat, which is an excess (the core i9-9900K has a TDP of only 95W). It can do this thanks to its huge 6mm copper heat pipe.

More importantly, it is designed to operate almost silently. Even with two or three fans strapped together and rotated as fast as possible, you can only achieve a maximum of 24.3 dBA. It returns you to a pretty penny for $ 90 and makes it one of the most expensive air coolers on the market, but if you demand silence, this is the cooler for you.

8. Corsair A500

Best flexible CPU cooler

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If you need a cooler that’s easy to install, avoids the rest of the kit, and looks great in your case, the Corsair A500 is for you. Place two 120mm fans on a huge aluminum heatsink with four heat pipes to handle cooling on CPUs up to 250W TDP. It manages it by blowing a significant amount of 75 cubic feet of air over the entire heatsink per minute. The sure advantage of this heatsink is that it can bend to fit the rig when using very expensive memory modules. The fan uses a sliding and locking mechanism, which makes it easy to move the fan to the exact correct position. The cooler also supports a variety of Intel and AMD sockets.

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