Best Cyber ​​Monday Gaming Monitor Deals: LG, Samsung, Alienware

Monitor’s Cyber ​​Monday sale will be taken over from Black Friday, with some perks unveiled along the way. However, these monitors check inventory very quickly, so the draw should be fairly quick. Some of Black Friday’s best deals have already expired, but I’m sure some will be back on Cyber ​​Monday. Monitors of all kinds still have a lot of deals, but the best deals are Alienware, Samsung Odyssey, and LG UltraGear gaming monitors. What is the reason for making a gaming monitor a gaming monitor? This is a bit arbitrary, but in our opinion it requires at least fast response times (4ms and below) and tolerance for higher refresh rates (100Hz and above). Of course, the more you spend, the more features you can unlock, such as 240Hz refresh rate and G-SYNC compatibility.

Cyber ​​Monday Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor Deals

At this point, the best place to win a deal on Cyber ​​Monday’s Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor is from Samsung itself. Due to the high demand, some monitors are frequently in and out of stock. If you see a monitor that is no longer in stock here, you can check it again.

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Other Cyber ​​Monday Game Monitor Deals

Alienware and LG Ultra Gear monitors are also available from various vendors. Check out the new 2020 LG 34 “3440×1440 monitor” for the first time, or the 2020 LG 27 “1440p G-SYNC Nano IPS monitor that everyone loves. Alienware premium models are also on sale.

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Cyber ​​Monday Workstation Monitor Deals

Just because these monitors don’t have gaming capabilities doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable for gaming. I’ve personally used a “standard” monitor for years before switching to the new model, and I’m completely happy to play the game on it. However, these monitors are considered “general purpose” monitors. Good for games, but even better for all other uses of the PC.

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