Best Deal for Black Friday 2020 PS5 and Xbox Series X / S Games

Henry Stockdale, Tuesday, November 24, 2020 17:26 GMT

Both the Xbox Series X | S and PS5 were launched earlier this month. If you’re one of the lucky ones to get an early console, Black Friday’s timing is no better. Many sales are more focused on the current console generation, but that doesn’t mean that the next generation is also completely ignored.

Perhaps due to the increased selection of releases across generations, the launch lineup for both consoles is so large that many games also offer free next-generation upgrades that apply to both physical and digital copies. ..

Some games haven’t released the next generation version yet, but will. This means that you can get an existing version cheaply and pre-order a copy of it.Can be found Sony’s complete PS5 list Digital discount Microsoft full selection Here are some of the top recommendations for the next generation so far:


Xbox Series X | S

If you are looking for another consoleo, we got you to do your best Xbox black friday And PS4 Black Friday Offer Here it is.We are also tracking the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday Bargain along with Black friday tv Transactions that accompany the new console.Make sure you are following Jelly deals Twitter It will also bring you all these and more up-to-date offers.

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Best PS5 and Xbox Series X/S game deals for Black Friday 2020

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