Best Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt

The main character of Far Cry 6 was seen standing next to a monkey statue near the great fire in the temple.

screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

A few days ago, while playing Far Cry 6, I arrived at a small seaside hut surrounded by tall fences. There was a note about a man who was scared of mongoose. When he finally caught it, he locked it in a hut behind the house while picking up petrol. So I secretly found his key to the hut and gave him a pity. I sprayed more bullets than I expected, but the mongoose died. Then I dropped the key in the treasure chest in my house. I got a cool gun from the trials.

This is just one of the many treasure hunt side missions you can encounter Far Cry 6, And almost all of them are somehow great. These missions often combine comedies, weird stories, and puzzles to create the best moments in the game. Treasure Hunt stands out absolutely when compared to the stereotyped nature of the game as a whole, or its flawed story.

of Far Cry 6, Treasure hunting is a side quest, often done in one central location, imposing puzzles on players, providing notes, and requiring a light platform before reaching rewards. Other than shooting some animals and door locks, it rarely involves combat. They are the perfect palette cleanser after spending hours exploding the world.

After more than 30 hours, I’ve already won the game and looked at the credits, but came back every night with the Treasure Hunt.Developers and designers behind Far Cry 6 Enjoy the design and don’t be afraid to feel a little weird. For example, exploring a power plant that has become a relentless shrine for island leaders. Or explore a betrayed pirate lover-themed tourist trap.

Another great treasure hunt I encountered involved a man trapping himself and his sweet custom-made superweapons in a brewery and an office at the top of the building. To get there, I had to unlock the doors, open the valves, and do some other things that wouldn’t spoil here. The result is a hole in the top of the brewery that causes a huge explosion that allows you to climb the office and find a beer-powered rocket launcher. (It’s a very good weapon, I understand why he wanted to hide it from Yarra’s dictatorship and the army.)

I also loved the treasure hunt set in the flooded underground abandoned nightclub. To reach that secret treasure, you need to go through electrically charged water, even if you can’t go through the hidden passages. I don’t want to ruin many of these or figure out how to solve them, but trust me.If you haven’t checked the treasure hunt Far Cry 6, you should. To find them, look for the pink diamond icon on the main map.

If you were a fan of Far Cry 5’s prepper stash missions, As before Kotaku EIC Stephen Totiro, These are probably in your alley. In a way, Treasure Hunt seems to be inspired by a great side quest focused on the puzzles found in Digital Montana.

They are Far Cry 6 Treasure hunt (and Far Cry 5s stashs) is so good that I really hope Ubisoft will someday create a complete open world puzzle and exploration game. Something that has far more puzzles to solve, uses the same techniques, and has little or no shootout.I still have to complete some treasure hunts until that happens Far Cry 6. All I can say is that I’m obsessed with big maps, action, and the buzz of over-the-top open worlds.

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