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Like most, your first trip through Hades ends in death. But its first implementation is exciting, revealing the evolution of isometric action RPG combat that Super Giants have learned since Bastion in 2011. Learn how to use dashes to avoid dangers and push attacks. Discover how important placement is due to the dangerous traps scattered throughout the level and the bonus damage that can be dealt to enemies from behind or by hitting a wall. Then taste the upgrades you can encounter and equip so that each run is clearly felt.

It all quickly becomes a satisfying combat system. Then you die, perhaps after encountering your boss, or perhaps in their early runs, by becoming a seemingly innocuous enemy or a prey to the trap you departed. In any case, you will return to Hades’s house, chat with some inhabitants, including his father Hades, and depart again. You will probably die a little further, or sooner due to overconfidence or total misfortune. But even if you win the journey home, you will talk to Hades and others again and the true heart of the game will begin to become apparent.

What’s great about Hades is not only that it provides a very fun action-based roguelike game, but also how Supergiant tells a compelling story that was previously unmanageable in games of this genre. This does this in a way that is perfectly suited to the roguelike context, including the gameplay loop trying to escape from hell, dying, and starting over. Your failure is unique to the story, and by incorporating it into the basic concept and enabling a constantly evolving sense of story and discovery with each character you interact with, Hades is truly special. Provide something.

For example, repetitive battles with the game’s first boss, Megaera, and conversations with her at the Temple of Olympus can help you build rivals, learn about her vulnerabilities, and foster empathy for her. .. This not only shows how much the game’s combat mastery and understanding of Magaera’s attack patterns have grown, but also gives each subsequent battle an opportunity for additional layers of character development and meaning and humor.

What takes Hades to another level is the powerful text that stands on top of what is a great game in every respect.

The relationship with Megaera, and in fact, all characters are supported by strong voice acting. Despite being displayed only as a still image on the screen, the performance can make a real connection with you and infuse a diverse cast of characters with a unique personality. Whether it’s Dussa’s lovingly nervous energy, Hades’ boring and distant father’s energy, or the harsh but sweet tone of the narrator, the performance is totally top notch (show song). The unbroken star is a chef, but at Hades’s house, so far quietly chopping the ingredients).

But it all goes back to writing. Whether it imbues those characters (for good reason, letting people talk about how hot they are all year round) with a unique personality, or enhances the experience they experienced in their last run, it’s It’s an absolute master class of any genre. Telling a good story seems to be at odds with what you can actually do. When Zagreus returned to Hades’s home after his death, he often commented on what killed him. Other characters also comment on the particular nature of his death, but conversations with other inhabitants also help to gradually advance understanding of the world in a very natural way. However, it is a very responsive nature of scripts in particular, and some examples of this stand out as such a result.

But what takes Hades to another level is that powerful text stands on top of what is a great game in every respect. Each aspect of the game is top notch. visual? With gorgeous views (pan shots over time looking at new areas are really impressive), an easy-to-read environment and enemy types, you can catch up with the action. musics? Undoubtedly the best of the year, or even in recent years, intense rock music, especially during boss battles, pumps your blood. combat? It feels solid with the addition of a layer of strategy that you can’t expect at first glance. Renewability? Returning to Tartarus feels like an exciting suggestion, not a chore, as there are so many layers of upgrades and so many different ways to approach execution, including a huge variety of weapon types.

Hades not only redefines what roguelikes are, but stands merely as an overall exemplary experience. This is a simple case to be one of the best games of 2020.

Hades is available digitally at the Nintendo EShop and Steam.

再生中: Hades- 2020年のゲームオブザイヤーノミネート

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